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S.O.S. Collection for life, from the School of Early Childhood Education. Cuba. The Model: The seabed ... is an expression of the protection of the oceans
St Peter´s School: What is Education For?
Education for All Photography
education project
Global Efficient Cookstove Education Project
Education is the successful door of the life!
Global Efficient Cookstove Education Project
Education means change (poster) The poster is a project about the situation of education in the world. It demonstrate that developed countries have highest literacy rate than developing countries. It also shows impacts of a good access to education can have on the society.
Power of Education Successful Education is the implemented Education! The only time to realize the power behind Education is when you put it into practice. How then can Law student realize his potential as a great lawyer when he sits around and does nothing about it? How best can a writer enjoy the work of writing when he is too scared to make a step? The point is...
Global Education

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Access to education Artist(s): Marvin Onyango Organization:Kenya Telecentres Link Description:This image shows how expensive learning has become in Kenya. Despite the government offering bursaries to excellent students, the funds in most cases don't trickle to the grassroots due to corruption. Therefore, to acquire education, one must be rich!
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Achieve Primary Education Artist(s): Jarfin M. Jewaxen Organization: Organization for Research Development Studies and Services Description: Globalization and Commercialization have brought only illiteracy and Poverty. Youth should fight against illiteracy and bring universal primary education
ayv Photography, Colour
Child Education Primary Education is Rights of all children's but lot of children's are still out of school.
Tags: child, education
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Differences Between Education in Africa and Canada
Mixed Media
Education Students at Mubarak Village studying
danishaijaz Photography, Colour
girlesau Mixed Media
Education to many childern in america are occupied with video games. Read More Books
LaLa17 Collage
Education and Peace are my Belongings The picture show the formal education system in pakistan, where the one writing board is moving from one class to another by the students.
Tags: education, pakistan
ismailswati Painting
Education for All An ad about education as the basic right of every citizen
Islandlibrarian Computer Graphics
Education for all One hundred and nineteen children are crowded into a single classroom of a rural school in Western Kenya. In 2003, the Kenyan government elimiated school fees at the primary level, revealing--in principle--the country's to the global consensus on Education For All (EFA). Yet large class sizes and astonishing pupil:teacher ratios leave both...
adykshoorn Photography, Black and White