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s4p Jota Joti base 2012 Egypt International Peace Day organized by Scouting4peace Foundation at the Scientific Scout Club ,Cairo.Egypt
Youth Voices - Egypt - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Egypt - Climate Change
Egyptianity This exhibit is dedicated to the pictures me and my sister have shot in different parts of Egypt.
Contemporary Egypt
Egyptian Things All my Egyptian Drawings and paintings

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Egypt 2010 Logo Unfortunately, Egypt did not receive a single vote in the FIFA referendum for choosing the country who will host the world cup in 2010......however; this was a trial for "Egypt 2010" Mascot!
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Education In Egypt This cartoon illustrates the tragedy of education in Egypt; private lessons, heavy books, useless subjects....
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Bird Flu Reaches Egypt? Rumors have risen about Bird Flu percolating to Egypt. This cartoon shows the "Vulture", the official emblem of Egypt, being lifted out of the flag, on the way to the hospital!
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Egypt... The Past... The Present Created by students ages 8-12 years old at AMIDEAST in Alexandria, Egypt.
Smoking! Only for the chimneys. About the arwork:The artwork expresses in a subtle and comic way the fact that smoking is not good for human consumption for social and health reasons. It is more useful for chimneys to 'smoke' as it removes possible air pollution and its black stains in the home. Smokers waste money and expose themselves to grave medical consequences. If...
Tags: egypt
pegba Computer Graphics
Marwan Computer Graphics
Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt
CEasar Computer Graphics
The world at your fingertips with one click this design for Panorama and Global Gallery Contest وتعبر تبك الصورة على ان يمكنك معرفة ثقافة اى بلد من خلال النقر على اى بلد على الانترنيت
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amredu Computer Graphics
Egypt komhamada Albihura science academy I want to convey a message to the world that the earth is screaming because of the pollution that is happening. It has begun to speak, but in its own language
globalgallery Drawing, Pastel
Egypt komhamada Albihura science academy I want to deliver a message to the world to save our planet
globalgallery Drawing, Pastel