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s4p Jota Joti base 2012 Egypt International Peace Day organized by Scouting4peace Foundation at the Scientific Scout Club ,Cairo.Egypt
Youth Voices - Egypt - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Egypt - Climate Change
Egyptianity This exhibit is dedicated to the pictures me and my sister have shot in different parts of Egypt.
Contemporary Egypt
Egyptian Things All my Egyptian Drawings and paintings

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'Ezbet El-Hakea, Egypt 'Ezbet El-Hakea is an extremely small village situated in a rural area 15 kms east of El Mansoura, Daqahliyya, Egypt. The nearest town to this village is called Dikirnis, -which is the local way to pronounce the original French name "De Creance"-. My family name is "El Hakea", and my family's lands are in "'Ezbet El-Hakea". This photo was...
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
A piece of Egypt.. Newibaa
hebaz Photography, Colour
Agriculture in Upper Egypt The Nile valley in Upper Egypt is a 3 to 10 kms fertile strip of land, bounded by rugged arid deserts. In this small fertile valley, farmers grow palmtrees, bananas, sugar cane, and rice.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
Alexandria Beach - Egypt Alexandria beach at 10 am - 23 October 2004
wisemike Photography, Colour
Alexandria Egypt One of a kind
Fredex126 Photography, Colour
Alexandria Egypt Only in Alexandria Beach & the Date Trees
Fredex126 Photography, Colour
ALEXANDRIA EGYPT ONE OF KIND THE LIBRARYBibliotheca Alexandria Alot more than Just Piece of Arts the Great Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria -the second capital of Egypt
Fredex126 Photography, Colour
Fredex126 Photography, Colour
Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt
CEasar Computer Graphics
Bird Flu Reaches Egypt? Rumors have risen about Bird Flu percolating to Egypt. This cartoon shows the "Vulture", the official emblem of Egypt, being lifted out of the flag, on the way to the hospital!
aymanelhakea Cartoons