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Developing Connections, Competencies, and Creativity
What Does Well-Being Look Like to You? The term well-being is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy. The state of well-being includes many positive things - such as being healthy, sense of belonging, feeling happy and purposeful, a safe physical space (such as your home), a fulfilling career, and many other factors that are interrelated. In short, well-being...
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Personal Development Coach No more excuses! Today is the day you are going to change your life. Start now to make the changes to live the life you always wanted! I will help you channel your energy and focus towards the right direction. Book a free consultation to find out how!
Cloud-based business intelligence in IT projects execution Headquartered in Hyderabad, Nexiilabs is a global IT consulting provider offering Quality engineering and Test automation services and DevOps solutions, leading to a streamlined customer experience.
From Residential Schools to Reconciliation: A Celebration of Art & Writing As part of Alberta’s Project of Heart, students from across the province are invited to share their writings and artwork that depict their understanding of the people of Alberta’s journey towards reconciliation. The celebration is open to grades 1 to 12. Participants may submit works of art, poetry, film, video or writings in this celebration....
Girls Belong Too A Girls' Empowerment Group was created at Strawberry Hill Elementary to promote self-esteem in our students from many different cultures. Our group instills the belief that girls have the right and the ability to be in positions of power and influence. Girls matter and belong.
Virtual Reality Interactive Application Development & Solutions Some of the completed project of Virtual Reality Interactive Application Development & Solutions by YantramStudio.
Unit 2 Project: Paris Ecole Manuel
Adobe Youth Voices Celebrates Global Dignity Day 2014 On October 15th TakingITGlobal and Adobe Youth Voices will be participating in Global Dignity Day! Global Dignity Day brings together role models from around the world to inspire and encourage students to make dignified, positive, and inclusive life choices as they develop into their best selves. The goal of this year's event is to instill...
Our Green Club celebrates International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) 2014 Our Green Club celebrates International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) 2014 Celebrating International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) on May 22nd 2014, our Green Club at The Universal American School chose to plant three Ficus baby trees. Ficus is a wide-spreading evergreen tree with curtains of aerial roots, shiny grey-green and...
Azerbaijan students introduse themselves
Azerbaijan students introduse themselves
Miscellaneous Stuffs I need for project
Adobe Youth Voices Celebrates Global Dignity Day 2013 On October 16th TakingITGlobal and Adobe Youth Voices will be participating in Global Dignity Day! Global Dignity Day brings together role models from around the world to inspire and encourage students to make dignified, positive, and inclusive life choices as they develop into their best selves. The goal of this year's event is to...
Nela_Our Organic Garden
Nela_Sk Taiwan
Taiwan_Nela SK
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Chelsea GPJr Kids : Defend the Forest Storyboards
Chelsea GPJr Kids : Defend the Forest
Chelsea GPJr Kids Act-Out The Monkey and the Crocodile
Chelsea GPJr Kids Visit the Lenox Lounge
Chelsea goes to Harlem
Design is a Process: Carousel
The story of monkey and crocodile by gpjdelhi-afsanak
Dogs' celebrities
October 1st Nigerian Independence Celebration Party
nycha/urban stages2013 helping images welcome to the supporting folder to help trainees with images and extra information about nycha/urban stages!!! old fashioned pix's about origins of times square and the oldest theatre in nyc!!! hope it helps . . . be creative everyone and take the challenge to do your best . . .
Cleveland High School
field trip to Sungui Buloh Wet land Reserve, singapore
Brussels, May 2nd - May 3rd 2012
4Prudy Self Portraits
4Harrison Self Portraits
Mia Kellman- Berkeley Carroll
Kayla Young- Berkeley Carroll
Joshua- Berkeley Carroll
Allison Brown- Berkeley Carroll
Will Johnston- Berkeley Carroll
Brittany- Berkeley Carroll
Field Trips and Activities
Motherwell Heritage Centre
Photos from the Field
Eco-Warrior Yvette Teeselink's DFA Gallery
Cleveland District State High School
TOP 50 Action Agent: Amelia Swan's DFA Gallery
Thailand Traveller Thailand is amazing.
Dublin Ireland - Green Space Visit
Group 6 - Amber & Malcolm - Nathaniel & Cassie
Group 5 - Rachel & Dakota - Joseph & Heidi
Group 2 - Cassie & Alicia - Keely & Hayden
Whitelees Insect Boxes
Whitelees Primary Nature Garden
Delwara, India 2010 Three friends and I went to a village near Udaipur in India. We gave a creative lesson to students aged 3-18 over a three week period. The classes involved sewing, woodworking, painting and drawing.
elements These are acrylic paintings that were each created for different friends and family members as a gift of gratitude and in some cases an offer of condolences for the loss of a loved one.
Morocco Teacher Visits McConnell
Youth development in Saudi Arabia Focus in the direction of young people and their view of development
Elin Bogomolnik oil painting Oil painting on canvas. Painter Elin Bogomolnik. I work with oil colors on canvas. I prefer cubism, modern, contemporary styles. All my artworks are made with technique palette knife and brush.
Belonging We want to know what Belonging means to you! Belonging has multiple meanings for everyone, so make sure to submit your artwork and tell the World what it means to you.
Leadership. Youth. Development. Youth in the Middle East & North Africa region are faced with a variety of daily struggles, from a lack of clean, fresh water in countries like Palestine, to high unemployment rates in Egypt, to complicated ethnic and religious divisions in Lebanon. Youth have begun gathering together to discuss these issues collectively, and to seek out...
Millennium Development Goals: 'Vision 2015 - Your Future' Imagine a world where poverty is halved, boys and girls everywhere go to school, gender disparities are eliminated, child mortality is reduced, and maternal health is improved. Imagine HIV/AIDS is halted and its spreading reversed, environmental resources are preserved and sustainable development becomes an everyday practice. All this achieved...
Disability: Belonging to the Body In conjunction with TakingITGlobal's Featured Theme on Disability, the Global Gallery invites submissions on the body and disability. The purpose of this collection is to raise consciousness on the representation of disability in society and to showcase the work of artists with disabilities. Artists are encouraged to subvert...
Interpretations of Wellness and Illness For the month of May, our focus was on Health Promotion. We asked our members to ask themselves questions like: What do you think of when you think of a healthy lifestyle? What are the health-related issues and epidemics people face in your community? What are steps we can take to begin living healthier lives? Then we asked them to share their...
What Does Belonging Look Like? "Isolation is the feeling of sitting alone at the bottom of a well. Connectedness is the feeling of belonging." Kim Samuel When you hear the word belonging, what images come to mind? What memories, feelings and life experiences have informed your personal sense of belonging? How are young people today fostering a culture of...
OCIC Development Week Postcards
Millennium Development Goals Mural Project Alberta Council for Global Cooperation, Change for Children Association and Taking IT Global hosted a mural workshop in Edmonton for youth around Alberta with the theme of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Thirty youth and volunteers gathered to paint a mural for each of the eight MDGs.
Russia: Kapelka Studio, Kazan изостудия "Капелька" Центра внешкольной работы г.Казани
Russia: Beloretsk Gimnasium Примите работы учеников школьного компьютерного кружка "КомпАс"гимназии № 14 г.Белорецка Республики Башкортостан. Мы впервые участвуем в таком серьёзном конкурсе, но дети работали творчески и с удовольствием.
Canum Colonnello tecnica mista /tavola , 130x120
religious paintings on eggs and wood Originaled in northem Bucovina (Romania) a region where the paiting of Easter eggs has an old tradition I bring an aditional beauty and novelty conceming these creations by transfering the religious images on the egg shell.The technique I use is the same as the wooden byzantine icons.
religious paintings on eggs and wood Originaled in northem Bucovina (Romania) a region where the paiting of Easter eggs has an old tradition I bring an aditional beauty and novelty conceming these creations by transfering the religious images on the egg shell.The technique I use is the same as the wooden byzantine icons.
Obelisk This is a collection of obelisks all around the world. The one you can see as an example on a picture is from Vatikan. Add your own ones if u have them (pics-fotography, imaginary ones ...).
Selling of my art pieces My exhibit is selling.I would like to some of my pieces.The current and the older ones.If possible then ask me for the price of each item.I am making new procts espacially animals.
self expression through fashion How do you desscribe yourself? One way is by the way you dress.Do you dress with crowd, are are you a little different?This exhibit shows different styles of dress that I use to express myself as sometimes I like to be with the crowd and other times I like to be independent.
Joel's Exhibit This Exhibit here is to get the message through pictures of how people, esspecially young people appreciate life and live to tugle issues and improve the standard of life and creat a happy living environment for all human kind.
USSR Relics
Barcelona Feb 2006 As part of the BTEC course, we were offered the chance to go to New York or Barcelona. I chose Barcelona and boy was it amazing. It's so beautiful and I just loved it! There was just so much to see and everything more of less was accessible by foot or metro.. My favourite part of the trip was visiting Gaudi's Park..the mosaics were...
Final Major Project: Millennium Development Goals As an artist who has a passion for politics, I feel that it's my duty to inform and educate people about the issues affecting the world today. For my FMP, I have chosen to raise the awareness of the Millennium Development Goals. I'm really surprised that we are in 2006 - 6 years into the MDG agreement and the majority of the public...
Psychedelic Road Signs As part of my AS Level Exam, I chose to look at road signs. My initial idea was to create signs influenced by the Pop Art Movement of the 1960s - Andy Warhol, Roy Lichenstein style. However I thought that was kinda predictable and not that exciting. So I decided to scout for books in the library and came across a Psychedelic Poster Art book...
Global Angels A collection of angels from around the world. The angels you see are not figments of your imagination. They are real people who love humanity and want to do everything they possibly can to make this a better world. They live in many different countries and although you might think they are invisible, once you know what they look like it is...
Villa Gesell En esta exhibición muestro fotos de mi viaje a la ciudad de Villa Gesell (Buenos Aires)
Angel.. it's an angel omg..
It's Been Hyggeligt ! "Oh! To be Danish", an essay, was the first thing I read about Denmark prior my exciting experience to it, at that time.. I could only know it by name.. 'Danmark' where the story of "Hamlet" took place. I had had no certain expectations about something I had very few knowledge about, don't remember being...
Helsinki, September 2005 My week-long visit to Finland's capital was to attend a youth conference, but it wasn't all work! Here are some pics I took during the stay.
Shell-قوقعة A mixture of Sounds, Emotions & Colors gather together & Create a Shell of a Human's Minds. In this exhibition I deliver to you the Shell of the Palestinian Human.
The Ellora Caves Ellora represents the epitome of Indian rock cut architecture. The 34 "caves" - actually structures excavated out of the vertical face of the Charanandri hills - comprised of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain cave temples and monasteries, were built between the 5th century and 10th century. The 12 Buddhist, 17 Hindu and 5 Jain caves, built in...
Hello Romania! A beautiful autumn week in Bucharest, Romania, during the European preparations for the World Summit on the Information Society in November 2003.
Women: Self Worth This photo to me depicts a womans determination, strength, as well the struggle they go through in life. Women all over the world suffer from discrimination, torture and pain, from this picture I see the value a woman has and the control over her own life. The assertiveness in women who have been oppressed for so long.
Human Rights Violations can be stopped also in Germany( pl Help) I know this is not easy for the world to believe.But that is the point! Germany builds its buildings of HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS on the innocence and ignorance of the world We all have thought Holocaust was Yesterday.But it isn't!! It ended up with DEATHS and PAINS But what after that??Peace? Freedom? Prejudice, intolerance and denial of...
New Zealand Travels Product of a month long (far too short) backpacking tour through the South Island
WOODEN SCULPTURE OF BOTH ROUND AND RELIEFS FROM UGANDA The exhibition is about the promotion of my art.Since my government do not take much concern about promotion of youth talents therefore most of youth here in Uganda do not take part in creativities.Young people possisbly children are found in streets moving around because they believe their government is not gonna suport them.Another thing is...
thoughts and feelings A random works of mix media that is about Peace ,family ,the fear of war and conflicts ....
"El peso del pasado" Pues, la realidad laboral es aveces fría y cruel; con pocas oportunidades para aquellos marginados y pobres que, para subsistir deben de hacer cosas poco humanas. Las fotos son tan solo un extracto del peso que muchos individuos cargan en sus espaldas desde hace ya mucho tiempo.
Hydro Fields 2004 A set of fields near my house forms part of a moat around the city of Toronto. Here be dogs.

Submissions (2067)

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:: A Rural Farmer in front of Paddy Field with Mobile PC :: :: A Rural Farmer in front of Paddy Field with Mobile PC :: A Special shoot took at Dhaka, Bangladesh Medium Used: Digital Camera Original Size: 1200*1600 Pixel
akzaman Photography, Colour
Michaels show Michael Jordan a great favorite.. rendered in colored pencil
bledsoeart Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Angel Michael Beats the Devil--Paris, France I'm not really religious, but I love this statue (near the Pantheon in Paris.)
ladyangel188 Photography, Colour
Who Else Can I Call Mother? For someone who had to go through thick and thin to nurture you to this age, I have all it takes to call her "Mummy". Who else can I call mother?
pscornerstone Photography, Colour
Cinderella Dies We have a fascination with fairy tales. What happened to Cinderella after she married the handsome prince?
Ooma Mixed Media
Woman with an Umbrella In my pictures I like to show human life and the struggle against evil. This is one of my works on this theme.
marina1990 Drawing, Pencil
Parks, Forests, and Fields Small stream, in the Schunnemunk Mountain State Park, New York.
PepitoBarahona Photography, Colour
Angel Of Death (2007) Multicolored Fine Art Graphic Digital | Vector Art | Limited Art Print Edition | Dimensions: 59 x 84 cm | © Bernd Wachtmeister, 2007
wachtmeister Computer Graphics
SAN RAFAEL BEACH & RIVER RESORT! posa en la desenbocadura del RIO SAN RAFAEL, en el balneareo san rafael, barahona, republica dominicana. 2-23-2004.
PepitoBarahona Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Untitiled yellow 60 x 80 x 4cm textured
abiliciouz Painting, Acrylic