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Environment Films These are my environmental films on various issues from water to solid waste.
Environment All about nature ....
Beautiful Environment GOD Creations Dear Friends, i took these Pictures in Halifax, cornwallis & in Ottawa, Tulip Festival, i like and Love Natural seens, this is Our Beautiful Environment GOD Creations. Hope u Love it.... Muhammad Idrees Khan

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Nature & Technology A tree hand and a robot hand together..
Tags: adhisha, tig, environment, gobal, technology
adhisha 3D Graphics
Nature Vs Technology Nature Vs Technology
Tags: adhisha, tig, environment, technology
adhisha 3D Graphics
Environmental Creativity Trabalho desenvolvido pelos educandos do CDI Comunidade Bairro da Paz, para conscientizar a população sobre os problemsa causados pelo lixo descartado sem a prévia preocupação com o meio ambiente.
ayv 3D Graphics
enjoying the environment environment
Tags: Puerta18, environment
ErikSuca Cartoons
We are turning blue! I used colour to show the effect climate change is having on polar bears.
Tags: environment, climate change, garbage, ocean awareness, Suncity School
clannapurna Collage
Climate Bird (2009) Climate Bird (2009) "Even small, insecure and may be unable to manage its immense task. Its equipment is sparse - the navigation is extremely difficult. It is not jet born for this complex mission and winds will become storms and catastrophes will get more violent. We should equip it with everything it needs and monitor its flight concentrated...
Tags: climate change, bird, environment, symbolic, storm, sky, instrument, navigation, wind, colours, bernd wachtmeister
wachtmeister Computer Graphics
Earth On Fire This is a PS graphic made by me to inform the others about the global warming situation which has been a great trouble for all the nations in the world.... The aim to create this graphic to protect the nature to have a beautiful earth to live...
Tags: environment, nature, golbal warming
adhisha Computer Graphics
Mother Earth Earth as a dew drop
Tags: adhisha, environment, earth
adhisha Computer Graphics
Trees are our friends Trees are our friends
Tags: adhisha, tig, environment, trees
adhisha Computer Graphics
ECO Ad Mashup Upload your design to stand a chance to have it displayed in MRT stations around Singapore.
Tags: environment, graphic design
ecosingapore Computer Graphics