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Through Afghan Eyes The Kandahar Through Afghan Eyes 2010 exhibit is a series of 30 photographs accompanied by a poem or narrative created by 15 students selected from schools throughout Kandahar City. The exhibit is on display in schools, public institutions and community centres across Canada. Supported by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA),...
Russia Through the Eyes of Youth Do you remember instances when spoken words failed to capture the complexity of your feelings and experiences? Sometimes silent images can say more than words through the profound and versatile language of art. The new art contest, Russia Through the Eyes of Youth, is a great opportunity to show many young people around the world how you, as...
আমি দুচোখ মেলেছি...Through my eyes! This is a collection of places I visited, the Architecture I saw & the Culture I lived with, in past three years.

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Mystery Eyes
4m Drawing, Pencil
The Hills Have Eyes Available in various sizes
abiliciouz Painting, Acrylic
In the eyes of a refugee One of my first attempts with pencil.. which is not a long time ago. I found the reference picture at a McGill Site. here it is:
adiab Drawing, Pencil
Anuta's Eyes The field of gold is full of Anutina Glaza or Anuta's Eyes. These flowers grow everywhere in Russia. In Sakhalin, such beautiful yellow fields are a common sight in June.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Eyes Eyes Eyes
amjadz Photography, Colour
Eyes from Angkor .. Cambodia..Siemriep..Angkor..a sense of peace in storms..
Angel_on_broomstick Photography, Colour
Eyes Matter Life is not only what you see but also, and more importantly, how you see.
Angel_on_broomstick Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Shadow of the Eyes Brown.
Angel_on_broomstick Photography, Colour
Mystic_Eyes i made this in photoshop software , with just smudging, I started this with no intention to make any thing, at the end , i Relized that it is some ones eyes looking at me, SO I SAVED THAT PICTURE , as EYES ,,, :)
Anumukonda Computer Graphics
BleedingMascara Drawing, Charcoal