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Historic Tornado Hit NYC Fall 2010
Fall 2003 Artwork I created in a 2nd year figurative painting class at York Univerisity. No previous experience using acryllic paint or painting on canvas.
Fall 2000 Artwork created during OAC Art Class (Fall 2000 semester)

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Sun Wall Rain Fall
aforster Photography, Colour
fallen angel just to see if its more behind the eyes of a fallen angel eyes of a tragedy..
afuuu Cartoons
"fallen birch" So much behind this piece of art... its very big actually, the dimesions are maybe three and a half feet in width and four and a half in height. I almost tore this in half when i first finished it but decided i needed some proof of work for my art class. When my teacher put it up on the classroom wall i told him that it made me want to die...
allisonkg Drawing, Pastel
Shadows Fall Digital Art in Artrage 2.0
anjumdar Computer Graphics
Peaceful Waterfalls A calming effect produced by the gentle splashing of the water on the lake
arkaleel Drawing, Pencil
Snow Falling
arq Photography, Colour
Water Fall
arq Photography, Colour
Waterfalls near Setti-Fatma Peak These waterfalls are very close to the source of the Ourika River, in the Moyen-Atlas mounts. This area is very near to the Setti-Fatma Peak, Morocco. Date: July 04'.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
US Troops Enter Al-Falluja No comment.
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Fall in Kashmir Artist(s): Syed Naveed Jahan Organization: Youth Parliament of J&K Description: Rusting autumn, the misty morning sprawls over the vivacious valleys, the flushing meadows wrap the hillsides like a cloak. The sunlight softly caresses the leaves; the dew drops sparkle like diamonds to welcome the new day. The rustle of the fallen leaves adds to...
ayv Photography, Colour