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My Family
...Family ! My and only omo baba ee. If i had two, i may never had known the worth of just the okan soso iya ...Odun yo tii da molaa ! Eni afii fun to dii ayo mo wa lowo...won bu tii, won ko le bu'ola oluwa larare ton ! I love you, aburo mii owon

Submissions (58)

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Fir tree family A happy fir tree family before they were cut for foolish reasons
Tags: fir tree 3d
andreiadobrota 3D Graphics
Cartoon Family Live happy in the family.
Tags: cartoon
Computer Graphics
The happy family Artist(s): Jorge Erick Alvarado Organization: Asociacion Civil Accion por la Paz Description: “The happy family” is an ad about family values, about childhood and how the kids believe in happy endings and happy families. The family is completely important for the society, which is one of the reasons to build healthy families.
ayv Drawing, Crayon
Family With Nature A family needs nature for survival, A clean and colorful earth is requirement to be happy.
cdcindia Drawing, Crayon
Family Belongs Love A family needs love to be a family. Everyone belongs family with love
cdcindia Drawing, Crayon
The Family This is a pastel sketch in preperation for a painting I'm about to start. It is meant to show the how ineffective a lot of parents are at disguising their disagreements or rows, thinking the children can't hear and aren't affected. And of course they can, and they are.
kenny22 Drawing, Pastel
my small family ارابيسك
ZeinabAhmedAli Drawing, Pastel
Family Speaking about human rights.
karleybeadle Drawing, Pencil-crayon
MY UNDERSTANDING OF BELONGING(THE GEESE FAMILY) Whenever I think of belonging,the geese family comes to my mind.To me it simply means being part of a group that accepts you as you are like in the case of the geese family.They always move together and at no given time will you find one on its own.The above drawing done by me shows the geese family .We should embrace the same element so that...
kerubock Drawing, Pencil-crayon
APYRE - My Family Our youth from APYRE drawing what makes them feel happy in life; family, friends, playing video games, dancing, music, rainbows
YouthMedia Drawing, Pencil-crayon