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My Family
...Family ! My and only omo baba ee. If i had two, i may never had known the worth of just the okan soso iya ...Odun yo tii da molaa ! Eni afii fun to dii ayo mo wa lowo...won bu tii, won ko le bu'ola oluwa larare ton ! I love you, aburo mii owon

Submissions (58)

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a family clay statue
shakeh Sculpture
A Happy Family Moment My next door neighbours in Atwia... finding something funny which I don't remember...
kwessy Photography, Colour
APYRE - My Family Our youth from APYRE drawing what makes them feel happy in life; family, friends, playing video games, dancing, music, rainbows
YouthMedia Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Buffalo family The piece shows that Buffalos usually walk alone. Their enemies are the lions only. They are pleasant to other animals and birds.They like drinking water as well as living in the jungel.
sadatedriss Sculpture
Cartoon Family Live happy in the family.
Tags: cartoon
Computer Graphics
chimpanzee family
sadatedriss Sculpture
chimpanzee family
sadatedriss Sculpture
Chimpanzee family
sadatedriss Sculpture
Chimps family It shows the behaviour of chimps in the wild or in their lieves.How they like human being.
sadatedriss Sculpture
Chinese-American Through the lens of an everyday event---eating spaghetti---this work captures the unique experiences of my immigrant family. While the younger generation often assimilates, the older generation clings to its history and heritage, creating a clash of cultural identities.
Tags: culture, family, heritage, identity, chopsticks, food, spaghetti, fork, home, dad, son, dinner
GraceJin Painting, Oil