Submissions (31)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Farmer Jorge Roiz Everywhere farmers are leaving their traditonal realms and looking for other job options. They're leaving farming, and I wonder who would replace farmer Jorge.
sidsayed Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Frances Farmer Tale of Two Women Inspired by her ordeals she went through when Hollywood pegged her a leftist and a communist.
sandramonday Painting
Sebastian's farmville Sebastian's farmville
Cindea Painting
Clay Farming I simply liked the idea of farming a material with exponential creative potential.
zbonder Painting, Acrylic
La Récolte this work represent the a community comming together to work and harvest the land.
Tags: land working, récolte, community, farm
artistsophie Painting, Acrylic
mysticmerlin Painting, Oil
The Rolling Hills of Derbyshire The oil on canvas I painted of the landscape at sundown in Derbyshire, England
Tags: hills, landscape, england, sunset, sundown, farm
-Caroline- Painting, Oil
Farmer Boy with Poppies Opium poppies are very common in Afghanistan.
epiphyte Photography, Black and White
Farm Lamb A Young Lamb resting at a Farm I visited in the Dominican Republic
Amac Photography, Black and White
the farm frog house
bethpriz Photography, Colour