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:: A Rural Farmer in front of Paddy Field with Mobile PC :: :: A Rural Farmer in front of Paddy Field with Mobile PC :: A Special shoot took at Dhaka, Bangladesh Medium Used: Digital Camera Original Size: 1200*1600 Pixel
akzaman Photography, Colour
A farming way of life / La ferme : un mode de vie Livestock and agriculture play an important role in Afghanistan. The return of an agricultural way of life is fundamental to the well-being of Kandaharis. -- L’élevage du bétail et l’agriculture jouent un rôle important en Afghanistan. L’avantage que procure ce mode de vie est essentiel au bien-être des Kandaharis.
mfurdyk Photography, Colour
A Local Farmer A farmer in the hills of Chismaute, Ecuador who told me that the wet season and dry season change unpredictably due to climate change. The village's potato crops all failed.
zacmosphere Photography, Colour
A Local Farmer in Chismaute A farmer in Ecuador after losing his crops to unpredictable reversed growing seasons due to climate change.
Tags: ecuador, farming, climate change
zacmosphere Photography, Colour
Calf at Dairy Farm, Canada This calf had a strange growth on his head, and he was chained to the wall. Is this not a good enough reason to boycott dairy products?
Tags: cow, calf, milk, cat, disease, dairy, chain
PrincessCat Photography, Colour
Clay Farming I simply liked the idea of farming a material with exponential creative potential.
zbonder Painting, Acrylic
Farm home in Cuba.
kristlect Photography, Colour
Farm Lamb A Young Lamb resting at a Farm I visited in the Dominican Republic
Amac Photography, Black and White
Farmer Boy with Poppies Opium poppies are very common in Afghanistan.
epiphyte Photography, Black and White
Farmer Jorge Roiz Everywhere farmers are leaving their traditonal realms and looking for other job options. They're leaving farming, and I wonder who would replace farmer Jorge.
sidsayed Drawing, Pencil-crayon