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thoughts and feelings A random works of mix media that is about Peace ,family ,the fear of war and conflicts ....

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feel the rhythm some times if not all the time we want to go back to the old days to set and listen to the life when it go .. when it in us ..
Tags: adi, oman, old, feel rhythm, feel, rhythm, squ, graphics, youth
AdiAbdullah Computer Graphics
feel real
alukes Photography, Colour
Let's make it a happy ending story. You can see it in his eyes. Feel with them.
Tags: animal, lion, prisoner, rights, feel, heart, iraq, zoo
Andam Photography, Black and White
No one deserves to feel worthless This video was created as part of the AYV program at Primary school Kiril i Metodij. "The video is one example of the modern society issues and that is cyber bullying. Through the short personal story student bring show how school and cyberbullying happen and how it reflect to the students."
ayv Mixed Media
Do You Feel Me?, Love and Other Emotions Do you feel me? well preety much is about love and how sometimes when it reaches one persons heart it doesnt always reach the other person involved heart. Love, And Other Emotions.. other emotions can't survive without love..just a thought.
bobbiemck Ink, Pen
Feel what you can feel !
carolinelaw Painting, Oil
Feeling Metallic
catzpaw Photography, Colour
I Feel Good! You’ve got two options to look the way you want. 1. On your left, the good old fashion healthy way: Muscle burning, feet aching, I wanna look good way! Or option number 2. on your right - ummm......let me see now…VOMIT.... For her it might be too late, it started out as a quick fix before her date, NOW it’s an addiction.....EARLY INTERVENTION...
chengzhao1993 Photography, Colour
Utopia: A place where we are all happy and feel loved. A future where everything is perfect; where our environment is beautiful. Created using AI.
globalgallery Computer Graphics
Feel free and educate This picture depicts that “An educated woman is one of the most powerful forces on earth”
Tags: #womenempowerment
khadijakiran Drawing, Pencil