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Roland Jackson agitates that The fight for a better world. peace talk is a great weapon Roland Jackson agitates that The fight for a better world. peace talk is a great weapon Guns into the sahara desert belt, who sponsored the rebels for years, was the money robbed by rebels and terrorist has been use as scholarship, these weapon are they traced to the 47 round code once own by Osama bin ladin. does these weapon comes in through...
Youth Fighting HIV/AIDS through Art In August 2008 the next International AIDS Conference will be held in Mexico City, Mexico. In the past this conference (IAC) has always served as a landmark event for the AIDS Community. The Mexico YouthForce would like you to submit your artwork on what HIV/AIDS means to you and your community. La próxima Conferencia Internacional de...

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Bull Fighting - Fujairah's National Sport Bull fighting has been called Fujairah's national sport, and it is unique to the Emirate. The contest, held on weekends in the winter, pits Brahmin bull against bull in more of a wrestling match than a traditional bullfight. Two bulls are led onto the sandy arena and, with heads down and noses almost touching the ground, they wrestle and lock...
brighteyes999 Photography, Colour
Community Video Storytelling Project Firefighter Alfred This video was created as part of the AYV program at Meridian Hill Pictures. This Spring 2015 semester, 3rd grade students from Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School worked with 3 teaching artists from Meridian Hill Pictures and 3 Mundo Verde PCS teachers to learn about documentary film production with iPads to film short stories in their...
ayv Mixed Media
Don't Fight Youth talk Artist(s): Banuka Lahugala Organization: Shilpa Sayura Foundation Description: During AYV Training, Banuka and team from Lahugala produced an action photo film. This is a scene from the photo movie.
ayv Photography, Colour
Dragonfly Fighter A letter for dragonfly fighter. done by mouse and painter8
Cooloola Computer Graphics
Eye fight for what I know is right. We all have two eyes, we all can see, we are all aware of life's injustices but so few of us speak up of fight for what we know is right. (For those who are visually impaired, you have ears!)
effiekaye Ink, Pen
doctorenny 3D Graphics
Fight for me Mommy! One of many signs
alexismae Photography, Colour
Fight for Pleasure This picture was captured here in Sindh Province of Pakistan. actually this is an cruel act ... but unfortunately this is an unbanned GAME here still ... and lot of people are still involved in this .. there are hundreds of people are engaged in these activities... Shahnawaz
Shahnawaz Photography, Colour
Fight the power FIGHT THE POWER!
narang99 Photography, Colour
Fighter Amidst dead leaves, a flower still lives.
Alycia Photography, Colour