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Hamilton Fish

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Fishing in Gilan Fishing men in Caspian Sea in Guilan Province located in north of Iran
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azadeh2010 Photography, Colour
Hybrid Fishphant Hybrid Fishphant is a hybrid animal that is a combination of various other animals. It represents a hybrid global culture comprising of various elements of local customs, cultures, morals, and ethics. I look at the Hybrid Fishphant as representing a new global hybrid culture rooted and created on the basis of diverse and converging local...
Tags: animal, hybrid, fishphant, elephant, culture, hybrid culture, global, local, globalization, glocal
shenyll Mixed Media
Kangaroo Fish “Kangaroo Fish” represents cultural globalization. Inside its pouch, this hybrid kangaroo fish carries the different flavors of the local cultural fishes that it nurtures and influences in this global world. While some may look at the Kangaroo Fish, as the predator eating away the smaller local fishes, I look at the Kangaroo Fish as a new global...
Tags: kangaroo, fish, kangaroo fish, hybrid culture, hybrid, culture, global, local, globalization, glocal
shenyll Mixed Media
if my universe had a sea I made this piece of a single fish in an empty sea to represent my time so far during COVID 19. A single creature is alone in a space surrounded by all material things they may need to survive or entertain themselves with all but one thing, another existence. I used two things I've had an interest in so far during my time to represent this,...
Tags: space, sea, fish
tt2018here Mixed Media
Pretty Fish
Lesunchik Painting, Oil
June Exhibit- Fishing Boat This is at Victoria by the Sea. My family and I were there this past summer. Some local had this boat up and out of the water and I had the farmhouse in the background and a clear blue sky. I think that this reflects my Canadian identity not just because of the beauty but because of the variety industries that we have, especially fishing on...
IslandGirl333 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
A Polluted World - Just a Memory of our Future I painted this the night of August 19th, 2009 after reflecting deeply about what our earth could look like in 50 years from now if humans do not act immediately and with urgence to preserve the precious environment. This painting depicts a very toxic, polluted world that I envision if the human race fails to act to successfully combat ever more...
Tags: environment, pollution, climate change, global warming, polluted, green, eco, smokestacks, catastrophe, life, memory, future, prevent, ugly, dead, fish, toxic, toxins, poisonous, painting, acrylic, anger, landscape, sludge
AndrewCanada Painting, Acrylic
The Jellyfish - By Eddie Acrylic on Canvas. This painting of one of Earth’s oldest living organisms is rendered in silver and copper tones chosen by artist to contrast against the red backdrop. The artist also uses darker tones for the tentacles behind the lighter ones to create depth and movement for this image.
Tags: jellyfish, pacific northwest coast, first nations, indigenous, fish, sea, ocean animals, youth, painting
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Dubai Fish Roundabout By Night A major traffic intersection in Dubai.
brighteyes999 Photography, Colour
Goldfish Heaven A colored pencil drawing of my fish, Dumbledore. Aren't fish great?! I think they're awesome! So, stop polluting the water!!! Thanks. :)
ilovebobmarley86 Drawing, Pencil-crayon