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Submissions (21)

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Collioure France South The typical Collioure french city (sardines and wine producer) in the Spanish Border near Banyuls.
Tags: collioure, france, spain, banyuls, haven, fishing, sardines, wine, old, village, medival
ReneBrichaux Drawing, Pastel
Fishing Hands Sweater-gloved hands holding a speckled trout in low water. I just thought it was a nice image, I don't know why I like it... It just draws you in to have a look. The sweater-gloves are graphite, the fingers are colored pencil, the fish is acrylic, and the water/background is watercolor. I just had some fun using different mediums. :)
ilovebobmarley86 Mixed Media
Fishing in Autumn
joconda Painting, Acrylic
Woman waiting for their husbands day-fishing
kwessy Photography, Black and White
Morning Fishing Taken while taking a walk one foggy morning on my community's beach on the southern coast of Ghana.
kwessy Photography, Black and White
Mudfish fishing About 25 boys fishing mudfishes with pierced paint cans in a small mud pond in a rural village outside of Bamako.
kwessy Photography, Black and White
A fishing day in Cape coast
kwessy Photography, Colour
Fishing in the Flood Land In the year 2004, almost the whole country was under water. The land becomes sea, crops damaged, houses broken, people went to the highland, but life cannot stop in a catastrophic flood situation. As usual, one person is fishing in flood water at a remote area of Sylhet, a north-eastern district of Bangladesh.
siraj Photography, Colour
Fishing Village by the Sea of Okhotsk This is a small fishing village on the shore of the Sea of Okhotsk in Sakhalin, Russia. The top layers of the sea freeze in the winter.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Fishing on the Volta at Dusk
kwessy Photography, Colour