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Friends and Flags Friends and Flags is a collaborative learning project which engages classes in a dynamic many to many exchange with international partner schools. The main theme of this exchange is multi-cultural awareness which fosters mutual respect, tolerance and communication.

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Beloved Flag A little girl making her own Tunisian Flag !
amelo2005 Photography, Colour
American flag Artist(s): Vardo Stevens Organization: S.T.R.A.W. Inc. Center for Young Women
ayv Photography, Colour
Rwanda Exposed A child and woman is 'exposed' to danger in their own land and by their own military. Human rights could still be doubted in any day and age.
Tags: rwanda, flag, human race
BevUvilluk Drawing, Pastel
Bulgarian Flag A friend of mine and I made this tiny Bulgarian flag to post it in a museum in Cincinnati. We invested it with our homesickness. (We had spent some 3 months in USA at the time.)
beyond-mind Photography, Colour
Sydney Harbour Bridge - with Flags! Different view of the harbour bridge. If you're ever in Sydney, visit The Rocks!
BoNo_FaN Photography, Colour
flag of the world A piece that is not finished and I do not like the texture of the surface.
Haffendi Mixed Media
Flagellation of Christ
joconda Painting, Acrylic
Colombian Dancers with Flag Colombian dance group with thier flag at the cafe Tuesday afternoon
jperabo Photography, Colour
Flag I worked on this for quite awhile doing a little here and there.But it doesn't really need any explanation
kelleyjar Collage
the Portugese flag
matic Photography, Colour