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Fishing in the Flood Land In the year 2004, almost the whole country was under water. The land becomes sea, crops damaged, houses broken, people went to the highland, but life cannot stop in a catastrophic flood situation. As usual, one person is fishing in flood water at a remote area of Sylhet, a north-eastern district of Bangladesh.
siraj Photography, Colour
FLOOD Disaster management education to children's.
cdcindia Ink, Brush
Flood This art piece is targeted to those who do not care about climate change, who do not see it as a crisis. Even if you do not care about the environment, I am almost certain that you do care about your life and the lives of your children. Therefore, I have decided to appeal to the selfish instincts that have corrupted human nature. The father in...
roisinbrady Painting, Watercolour
Flood On the Streets! One of the devastating effects of climate change is Flood. During heavy rainfall, most rural communities suffer some setbacks as people get easily displaced from their homes, roads become flooded making it difficult for motorists to pass through, moreso, school children are restrained from going to school because of the flood. This makes life...
Olowotee Photography, Colour
Flooding Bamboo Some flooding Aeroplant in the fall outside in my yard.
NateR Photography, Colour
Flooding in Brazil Children played in the Mearim River in the flooded town of Trizidela do Vale, in the northeastern state of Maranhao, Brazil. It has been a month since torrential downpours overflowed the banks of the Mearim, forcing 11,000 out of 18,4000 from their homes. Photo: Lalo de Almeida for The New York Times
yashoda Photography, Colour
Flooding in Brazil Residents used a truck tire tube to travel. The flooding has transformed this town of red-roofed buildings into an aquatic city where transportation is only possible by boat or by swimming. Photo: Lalo de Almeida for The New York Times
yashoda Photography, Colour
Floods In Costa Rica we have experiencing many floods. People are loosing their houses, schools are loosing everything and peoples health is getting compromised.
marisolssv Mixed Media
Our lives affected by urbanisation, floods.... Name of the Artist: Sachin Urade (supported by Larsen Toubro Public Charitable Trust) Age: 27 Address: Patilpada-Kawada, Talasari Block, Palghar-District. Maharashtra, India....
Tags: india, maharashtra, Warli Indigenous tribe, global warming, climate change, urbanisation, floods
clannapurna Painting
Which Future Would You Prefer? This painting presents the same young girl in two different scenarios; the first in a future where society has taken on sustainable practices, and the second in a future where business has continued as usual and the human race is suffering the consequences: climate chaos.
Tags: green, wind turbine, electric car, life boat, tornado, neglect, disaster, saviour, society, flood, storm, snow, sunshne, waterfall, sustainability, environment, youth, landscape, love, nature, global warming, climatechange, children, art, paintings, stillife
Chelmo Painting, Acrylic