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Tags: ronan parke, unified hearts, axel javier, hiv, aids, youth aids concert, united kingdom, concert, event, orlando, florida, united states, youth, teen, cure
AxelJavier Mixed Media
Florida Florida
Priscila Photography, Colour
Florida Florida
Priscila Photography, Colour
glorieusegloria Painting
florida coast What does this piece of art mean to me? Not much in terms of symbology; its a mere location drawn to relative accuracey.
allisonkg Drawing, Pastel
Florida Colours 'Photographs taken in the Tropical garders of Florida are the best place for colourful photos.' -JM
julia Photography, Colour
Tags: florida, orlando
ericseen Photography, Colour
World AIDS Day 2013 The Youth in Search of a Cure Concert 2013 - Unified Hearts Youth Ambassador Ronan - for more info
Tags: ronan parke, axel javier, world aids day, unified hearts, united kingdom, united states, florida, orlando, oprah winfrey, ellen degeneres, hiv, aids, global, zebra coalition, idignity, place of comfort
AxelJavier 3D Graphics