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June Exhibit - Unfold - Jenny Ge To me, this photo is about appreciating defining moments--it's about slowing down and marveling at all of the little things in life; for example, the curling of a leaf on an autumn afternoon. Living in Canada, new discoveries and opportunities unfold each day--you just have to look for them.
Tags: photography, nature, flowers, plants, autumn
fatalattraction Photography, Digitally Manipulated
egyptia kharoob (ceratonia) flowers beautiful colored flowers of kharoob. The trees grow in Egyptian desert . fruits are long brown with brown seeds inside. rich food value &delicious. used also as cold drink: method put cuts fruits with sugar in pan on fire without water and let them till dark brown add water and boil put it in ref. till cold
DrBadr Photography, Colour
Take a moment to breathe well being for me is to take a moment to breathe, to appreciate all the thing that surround us, watch the sky, feel the air and breathe
Tags: flowers, plants, sun, sky, girl,
lauravjean Computer Graphics
To Be Complete Over here my aim I to show that one is complete as a human only with love, and when one has the feeling they belong somewhere that fleeting joy and warmth felt is what completes them. The Primroses symbolize a sense of belonging and the heart is no longer hollow as it is filled with the love and admiration from the people one surrounds...
Tags: belonging, love, warmth, flowers, primroses, digital art
AmandaVarghese Cartoons
hope flowers just a small doodle that i've done at my friends house :D
Tags: flowers, butterfly, hope
qianyimelia Markers
flowers natural beauty
anku Drawing, Pencil
flowers nature
anku Drawing, Pencil
Perfume of lilac Oil on canvas. 2008
Tags: art, perfume, aroma, oil, flowers
Esmiralda Painting, Oil
Flowers on Velvet I took a picture of some flowers in regular daylight, scanned in the photo, removed the background from the photo, replaced it with black, then made a copy of the flower and put it on another layer. I changed the levels on the original flower layer to highlight certain colours, and the flower on the other layer to highlight other colours. It...
derekmartin Photography, Digitally Manipulated
End of flowers (software: Photoshop)
houk Photography, Digitally Manipulated