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40 Day Footprint

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Footprint step 3 ALMOST THERE..
RhitaAddi Cartoons
Footprint step 2 This is where I already have all tiles ready
RhitaAddi Collage
Footprint step 5 This is the final picture! I just want to give some info about the mosaic I made. The tiles I used are recycled. I bought them in an art shop specialized in recycling. The footprint is white, because it changes from every person. in the back there is the sign of recycling. and then we have the back ground which is black. that represents that we...
RhitaAddi Collage
pegadas digital art - a collage of colorful footprints, hinting at an evolution of diverse, responsible and joyful ways to make our way on this planet.
Tags: footprint, color
CarlaTenn Computer Graphics
Carbon Footprint Carbon footprint
Joni-is-a-girl Computer Graphics
Comparing Urban Footprints A cool infographic about form, density and transportation
Liamjod Drawing, Pastel
Impacts of our Footprints With the increasing amount of emissions as a result of industries, we see the direct impact on our natural systems. These natural systems go beyond the melting glaciers that are depicted in this work. We must change our carbon emissions so that our natural systems are protected and our livelihoods are sustained.
Tags: climate change, economic, fossil fuels, emissions
sabatino Painting, Acrylic
Acceleration I always love contrast, and in this picture I chose contrasting colours, times of day (sunrise, sunset, midday), and locations (four different places). They narrate a story by moving through time and space, and I combined them to create a swirling sensation around a shrinking planet.
Tags: acceleration, world, ecological, footprint, mosaic, colour, swirl
pinkink Photography, Digitally Manipulated