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Submissions (14)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Four Fathers
thecavallogallery Painting
Four Flower Sets (postcards)
joconda Painting, Watercolour
The four sides of Mos Def Pencil, a multitextured play of line and shading that is broken up into four sections.
JamesGallardo Drawing, Pencil
obaykal Computer Graphics
Four Flowers Quick rendition of some potted flowers.
EugeneMontagna Drawing, Pastel
The Power Of Equality it is four colored hands touching
Tags: four, hands, colored, power, equality
floydthebarber Computer Graphics
Four Hunters with Bull 3 Four Hunters with Bull 3, Watercolor/Indian Ink, 18,7x25,2 inch, 1989, 410 Euro.
Tags: animals, four hunters with bull 3, africain impressions, figurativ, africa, people and animals, watercolor/indian ink
heiste Painting, Watercolour
Four Squares by Joyce Moment of inclusion
TIGstaff Drawing, Pencil-crayon