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CARMARGUE SUNSET Riding a horse in Mediterranean sea, at sunset, in the french Camargue area (South of France, French Riviera)
Tags: france, camargue, sunset, horse, sea, mediterranea
ReneBrichaux Drawing, Pastel
Collioure France South The typical Collioure french city (sardines and wine producer) in the Spanish Border near Banyuls.
Tags: collioure, france, spain, banyuls, haven, fishing, sardines, wine, old, village, medival
ReneBrichaux Drawing, Pastel
Eugene Weidman (serial killer in France) This is one of my favorites! He was a serial killer in France, and the word "Bellum" means WAR in Old Latin. He would always be at war with himself and the demons within..... i also drew other countries where he had visited/killed.
Luvtheink Ink, Pen
Montpellier. Antigone area French city of the South, Montpellier, this is a BOFIL architect area
Tags: france, montpellier, bofil, architect, roman, style
ReneBrichaux Ink, Pen
The Face of France This is about a racial discrimination faced by the minority in France.
Bayou Mixed Media
Frances Farmer Tale of Two Women Inspired by her ordeals she went through when Hollywood pegged her a leftist and a communist.
sandramonday Painting
CANNES, FRANCE 1910 This is a visionary piece done in the Art Nouveau style. Women are socializing and dancing on the beach in Cannes, France in 1910. The diamond and precious jewels are collage elements. Contact the artist at
3delilahs Painting, Acrylic
Paolo and Francesca Oil on canvas, 120x90
Tags: art, paintings
KD73 Painting, Oil
Big Bull with red Cows Big Bull with red Cows, Watercolor/Indian Ink, 19,7x27,4 inch, 1994, 410 Euro.
Tags: animals, big bull with red cows, cave painting, figurativ, france, watercolor/indian ink
heiste Painting, Watercolour
Around the World: France1 Another photograph taken on my French Exchange Trip, in Paris...
darker-depths Photography, Colour