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we want freedom Enough is enough we youth now want freedom
The beauty of freedom They are easily, freely, beautiful. I look at them again and again...and every time they impress me of gracefulness

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long way to go( waiting for freedom in Germany) This is a piece of my work with thousands of words This may show you the present and FUTURE( I wish for this country) Today, it is cold, dark and hostile to kids, foreigners, the weak , the sad and the innocent and many more But I have one wish , that is FREEDOM and more Human Rights in Germany The 2 white doves are the symbols of the...
victimsoftortur Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Elephantee Creator: Camila Otondo Camila shows us that freedom isn't for everybody... Animals aren't free and that's our fault.
Tags: elephant, liberty, captivity, freedom
dagf2312 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Free This is a picture of my dreams. I hope for peace. I hope for co-existence between everyone. I hope for freed doves, joined hands, and a safe and loving world to let the cork off the bottle and create something beautiful out of human potential.
Tags: bird, paint, selin jessa, watercolour, youth, peace, loveart, sketchbook, contest, splatter, watercolor, bottle, hand, freedom, doves, purple, painting
sj78sixx Painting, Watercolour
Freedom eagle This picture represents all races working toward freedom.I chose an eagle as a symbol of freedom in this picture and as the colours move toward the eagle the colours start blending into each other showing harmony between races.Then in the centre of the picture is the eagle wich is when all colours blend togeather and create freedom for humans
ms-Hergun Painting
Reign of Freedom This photograph expresses my opinion of freedom. Every race, sex, child, woman, man, should possess freedom. Freedom to achieve their goals, and freedom to be themselves. The figure in the middle is reaching out, there is nothing holding back the figure from reaching for what they want. Maybe they want to be a teacher, or a painter; nothing is...
Wawawa Photography, Black and White
imprisment Human rights is an essential and crucial part of our society. Race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or personal beliefs, should not be the basis for discrimination. We live in a world where unfortunately not everyone has these rights. Individuals in third world countries are often persecuted and violated to a further extent than in...
Tags: human rights, gay rights, same sex marriage, freedom, rainbow, prism, light
tateferris Painting, Watercolour
Freedom Fighter I actually came here and started this because i saw an image that has to do with the palestine/israel struggle situation , and thought that my first submission would be somthing relevant, this image speaks for itself, yet i have to add that it's so different than my usual work, i'll be submitting more work as soon as i could.. one last note : i...
dehumanized Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Press Freedom? By: Abel Valdez I want to communicate the importance of the 19th Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Freedom Fighters Stephanie Currie, age 18, Dartmouth High School, Nova Scotia Freedom Fighters The final statement the painting displays is the message given on the child's right arm. He is wearing a badge, but not of hate symbols, but the buttrfly representing freedom and the ability to make a difference in the world.
Freedom fighter The statue of freedom fighter (1971) in Dhaka University campus.
siraj Photography, Colour