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Friends and Flags Friends and Flags is a collaborative learning project which engages classes in a dynamic many to many exchange with international partner schools. The main theme of this exchange is multi-cultural awareness which fosters mutual respect, tolerance and communication.
Russia: Art Group 'Friendship', Youth Centre 'Nadezhda', Novosibirsk Courtesy of NGO "Школа роста"
...friends !

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love and friendship
abadanjm Drawing, Pencil
Trees are our friends Trees are our friends
Tags: adhisha, tig, environment, trees
adhisha Computer Graphics
World Friendship Bridge One of the biggest problems in the world right now as described by the iEARN 2010 youth is racial intolerance. This one problem is the root that branches out to become many of the other problems that ravage our world: war and poverty. Only through education and learning of one another’s culture can we bridge the gaps between our peoples. That is...
Tags: multiculturalism, diversity, unity, peace, world, bridge, globalization
Araf Painting, Watercolour
friendship arts
ashroffali Drawing, Chalk
Friendship To my Friends! Hope i too could be one of them ;)
awaqeel Computer Graphics
Friendship Artist(s): Zakir Ayoub Organization: Youth Parliament of J&K Three Pups enjoying the time
ayv Photography, Colour
Friendship Authors: Josh Kwon, Anton Budnyy Organization: Volunteer Toronto We all have different roots, we all come from different places and families, but we all share similarities. We all have the potential to be friends, we just have to overlook our differences. “Friendship is just a single soul dwelling in two bodies” Aristotle
ayv Computer Graphics
Friends forever Best By Natalija Trpkoska
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Live and Let Friends This video was made as part of the AYV program at Changchun American International School. "This video is about the struggle to make new friends, dealing with foreigners in a new country and culture, agreeing on shared reference points of identity."
ayv Mixed Media
Right to Have Friends Edgar R
Tags: National Child Day Art, Childrens Rights
carolinefair Painting, Watercolour