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Girls Belong Too A Girls' Empowerment Group was created at Strawberry Hill Elementary to promote self-esteem in our students from many different cultures. Our group instills the belief that girls have the right and the ability to be in positions of power and influence. Girls matter and belong.
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Girls Painting Acrilic on canvas
Anime Girls Anime girl Drawings

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Doves in the Shadows The love between individuals is often hidden because of the narrow minded views about how love and sexuality is supposed to be expressed. Two girls kiss each other in the shadows of an alley, afraid of doing so in a public area given the number of people that chastise them daily.
Tags: homosexual, love, secrecy, alley, girls, kiss
desbaker Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Happy Indian School Girls These school girls enjoy going to school, learning how to read and write, Hindi, Mathematics, etc. Their education is being enabled through their father's earning in Dubai. In their village you hardly see any fathers, since almost all of them have a job far away from home.
Bernanderl Photography, Colour
indian girls indian girls
Tags: painting
kapparikishan Painting
girls in pink the telangana girls are standing at buddha wall paintings
kapparikishan Painting
Girls with an Umbrella These girls belong to the Telangana reign a.p.India they are holding an umbrella in summer as a wall painting.
kapparikishan Painting
Girls and Boys
Photography, Colour
Out of School GIRLS in the SCHOOL I have captured this one when I was in field for monitoring Schools, there in village there was so many girls and boys they were not enrolled in schools. these are one of them.
Shahnawaz Photography, Colour
the girls friendship the friendship can be different. this is a girls' friendship
sarbar Photography, Colour
x6qv25b85787bc8998 Photography, Colour
What Kind of Education are we Looking for Girls? My Fellows Youth! This is how we need to help these girls to have better, quality and best education as MDGs says. In Sab-Saharan Africa Countries many still fails to implement their strategies to provide Education for all. All Youth around the world and especially those from Developing countries they need to make efforts to help their...
gundamussa Photography, Colour