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My Planet is fading Our climate is changing day by day. And this change is causing destruction of many of our natural wealth. If we can't stop climate change then our while planet Earth is going to be only a overwhelming environmental place for the new century to face .
Tags: #savetheplanet, environment, nature, climate change, earth, Decarbonize, global warming, climate action, trees, art, life, melting
Noor_Hiya Cartoons
How Much Time We Had ??!! 2 kids watching the future and wondering how much time we had to face this !!
Tags: climate change, global warming, warm, sun, bad weather, kids, wonder, how
butterfly30 Collage
Global warming This is a poster I made to raise awareness to global warming. It represents a Polar bear on a melting iceberg, with a dried out background. Let's hope well will never get that far.
Julie1606 Collage
Mixed Media Mural In our Middle School classes, we created a mixed-media mural on climate change, organized by S-T-E-A-M. We shared this mural in a community showcase inviting families and younger students to learn more about the topic.
Tags: climate change, Agents for Change, environment, nature, sustainability, ecofriendly, #savetheplanet, #zerowaste, earth, sustainable, green, recycle, Decarbonize, #plasticfree, SDG, sustainable living, global warming, climate action, trees, ocean, pollution, reuse, art, conservation, wildlife
plomando Collage
Inutil Paisaje The sad and wasteful distruction of culture and environment by society. Inutil Paisaje means Useless Landscape. Any country on Earth.
Tags: climate change, #savetheplanet, earth, sustainable, Decarbonize, SDG, global warming, climate action, pollution, art
clarita Computer Graphics
Global Warming Global warming.
clarita Computer Graphics
Global Warming In my artwork, its is showing the difference of our planet earth with and without global warming. It also mean that our government can still prevent it. Love earth, protect earth, save earth... Where would you prefer to live?
dandaniel37 Computer Graphics
global warming Protect the mother earth...
lyndonhate Computer Graphics
Global Warming Strengthen the ozone layer to prevent global warming!
ezragois Computer Graphics
Global Warming Think about the Planet...STOP! Global Warming
Islandlibrarian Computer Graphics