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Submissions (51)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
What This World Needs Is a Group Hug belonging is also accepting and loving
taylore1 Mixed Media
St Jude School - Group Work Different students form different grades gathered to show the different aspects of the planet earth
Tags: jungle, green, nature, ecological, recycle, protect, animals, pollution, colonization
JuanCrbone Drawing, Pencil
Crazy group shot :) TIG Office Shoot
JulieGao Photography, Colour
Global Tap (4th prize Group) Kathryn Miltrow, age 18, Laura Miltrow, age 18, H.B. Beal Secondary School, Ontario (la version fran
Global Testament (3rd prize Group) May Pham, age 17, Dominique de Peyrecave, age 18, Colonel By Secondary School, Ontario (la version fran
Group Discussion - Europe Discussion about poverty.
danman Photography, Colour
Group Discussion - Europe
danman Photography, Colour
Mexican Group After some food and a change into dry clothes, the pouring rain is just a distant memory.
danman Photography, Colour
IMCS Group American volunteers from the International Movement of Catholic Students.
jperabo Photography, Colour
Prince Edward Island group and others join in spirited dancing
blaisemac Photography, Colour