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Panhandle Equine Rescue Photography A collection of photos I have taken of equines that have been rescued from abuse and neglect by the Panhandle Equine Rescue of northwest Florida.
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In the Hands of Children Tina Chen, age 15, Samantha Co, age 15, Victoria Co, age 15, Tiffany Uy, age 16, J.N. Burnett Secondary School, British Columbia In the Hands of Children From our clothes, shoes, stuffed animals, to our appliances, virtually everything may be created by
Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Hands of Peace We are asking God 2 give us help. We are asking 4 help from everyone who is willing to help us. We need a helping hand so as we open our hands we are showing that we are in need of help. So please help us. We are dying of AIDS Stop the spread of AIDS.
Photography, Colour
Hands United
In Your Hands No matter the colour of your skin. Embrace your culture, share it, and accept it. Embrace others. The colour of their skin is of no matter, the colours of their soul do. Embrace diversity, difference, and equity. It'll do well.
Aarthy Photography, Digitally Manipulated
World in our hand We,the human beings are the ones who live on this Earth, again we pollute it.So I want to say that we are the decision makers so it is our choice to save it or to turn it into a dead planet.
Adiba7892 Painting
Hand Made "Elephant" Hand Made "Elephant". Mostly available in Bangladesh.
akzaman Photography, Colour
Future is in our hands
alex15 Painting
fairy with little hands This work talks more about the differences: First because she`s a fairy and the people usually ignore others when they don't have the same nationality, ideas, etc. and she has little hands because she shown us the physical differences
aranel-ireth Drawing, Pencil
Development with Hands
aras Painting, Acrylic
Hand Opening Locked Door
aras Painting, Acrylic