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A Happy Thought What are you wearing when you are happy?

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Happy Indian School Girls These school girls enjoy going to school, learning how to read and write, Hindi, Mathematics, etc. Their education is being enabled through their father's earning in Dubai. In their village you hardly see any fathers, since almost all of them have a job far away from home.
Bernanderl Photography, Colour
Internet Making Youth Happy This photo was taken by me during the Intenet class. They are my classmates. Internet is making them happy.
Chups Photography, Colour
Happy Day Just having a happy day. ;)
drilho Computer Graphics
The Right to Have Friends Right to be Happy Created by students ages 10-11 at "Andrei Muresanu" Secondary School in Deva, Romania. 2009 Honorable Mention, Primary Level.
Tags: peace
PTPIGYM Painting, Watercolour
Happy time My cartoon
Tags: cartoon, children
2me Cartoons
Happy Labor Day May 1st is a national holiday in Uganda. The day is commemorated to celebrate the contribution of all working people to society. Labor Day is celebrated on May 1st of every year. Labor Day is the honoring of organized laborers. It’s celebrated in remembrance to economic and social achievements of workers. Today this day is known as International...
Tags: labor, day
transkim 3D Graphics
Happy 50th, Honey! NANOART - Limited edition prints. The artist imaged a micro air bubble created under vacuum in an epoxy resin, using an electron microscope. The monochromatic scan has been painted and manipulated digitally. The final image is printed on canvas with archival inks. The prints last for a long time without deteriorating, when kept in adequate...
criorf Print
Happy Days Created by students age 12 years old at Scoala No. 2 in Constanta, Romania.
PTPIGYM Painting
&(happy; violent; times) c'est moi toi eux nous et dieu dans l'éternité
gregory-ch Painting
Happy Earth Created by students age 14 years old at Vilnius Zemynos Pagrindine Mokysla in Vilnius, Lithuania.
PTPIGYM Painting