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Volunteerism Has Many Faces Volunteerism has many faces, many colours, many forms and expressions; it’s a borderless and multi-shape stream nourished by solidarity, enthusiasm and sense of commitment; many hands and many voices, many ways to be active and creative, many people who help and many people to be helped, many wall breaking down and bridge building up, and only...

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Humanity has No Borders Liam O'Grady, age 16, Shawn MacMillan, age 16, Julia de Montigny, age 16, Dan-Tam Nguyen, age 17, Philemon Wright High School, Quebec Humanity has No Borders We can lobby for generic drugs to be made more readily available to the places that most need them. Currently, giant pharmaceutical corporations, through patents and other measures,...
Mixed Media
HIV has no Identity This photograph shows two individuals who do not fall into the stereotypical categories of people living with HIV/AIDS. The black headbands around the eyes emphasize how HIV/AIDS has no eyes, and can affect any group, country, family and relationship. It is not simply a disease ‘over there’. Another thing that the black headbands emphasize is...
Photography, Colour
Who has Access to Health Care? The wallet scenario, symbolized by the condoms, health card and a bill represents access to health insurance in industrialized nations that have higher levels of sex education and safety network in place. Regardless of the above, the public still faces the prospects of a two-tiered health care system in which the rich will have access to...
Photography, Colour
A new day has gone when sun is gone
abdallah122 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Tour Hassan A famous historic monument in Rabat.
adiled Photography, Colour
Amy's Video has the Bad Oil An article on page 11 of 'The Advertiser' newspaper on 4 April 2011 regarding the destruction behind palm oil plantations and DeforestAction's plan to stop it.
Tags: palm oil, orangutans, deforestaction, borneo, environment, sustainable, forests, deforestation, labelling, project borneo, food
Ames268 Print
Has lost Children and youth in Uzbekistan
anastasiaburlakova Photography, Colour
luv chasers
Angel_on_broomstick Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Night out at Park Baluchi, Hauz Khas This was taken at Park Baluchi, a restaurant in the Hauz Khas village, New Delhi. The restaurant is situated in the middle of a lush green deer park. This photo is special because the moment the musicians came in everybody got up and started dancing. Thus began my beautiful and unforgetable evening in Delhi. An awesome experience with some...
anuriandima84 Photography, Colour
Al-Hassan As-Sabbah, founder of the Assassins Al-Hassan As-Sabbah is the founder of the first organized gang groups, relying on "hashish" drug dealing. His men were called "Hashasheen" in Arabic, i.e. people who dope "hashish" (a drug type), during the Umayyad Caliphate in Damascus, and hence, the word "Hashasheen" became gradually "Assassin" in English!
aymanelhakea Cartoons