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Volunteerism Has Many Faces Volunteerism has many faces, many colours, many forms and expressions; it’s a borderless and multi-shape stream nourished by solidarity, enthusiasm and sense of commitment; many hands and many voices, many ways to be active and creative, many people who help and many people to be helped, many wall breaking down and bridge building up, and only...

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"Hasad"! "Hasad" in Arabic means to have a bad feeling against someone who has something you don't have. In Arabic folklore, we bring something called "bokhur", which is a smoke with a good smell, as a prevention from "Hasad". In this cartoon, the world's number 1 pollutant says: Hey world, we are just making some "bokhur" to avoid "hasad"!
aymanelhakea Cartoons
A new day has gone when sun is gone
abdallah122 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
AIDS has a Face. This is a representation of a t-shirt design I created for the 2006 AIDS Conference “Fashioning Change” fashion show with YouthCARE Canada. Africa is crying. She is crying because she is sick and tired of falling victim to the extreme debt, numerous deaths and the dogmatic authority who abuse their power. Simply, this graphic speaks the truth:...
JessicaK Computer Graphics
Al-Hassan As-Sabbah, founder of the Assassins Al-Hassan As-Sabbah is the founder of the first organized gang groups, relying on "hashish" drug dealing. His men were called "Hashasheen" in Arabic, i.e. people who dope "hashish" (a drug type), during the Umayyad Caliphate in Damascus, and hence, the word "Hashasheen" became gradually "Assassin" in English!
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Alguna vez has pensado en un mundo mejor? Es importante que pensemos en un mejor futuro, en un mundo sostenible y en lugar seguro y libre de contaminación donde podamos tener una vida saludable y sostenible.
marisolssv Drawing, Pencil
Amy's Video has the Bad Oil An article on page 11 of 'The Advertiser' newspaper on 4 April 2011 regarding the destruction behind palm oil plantations and DeforestAction's plan to stop it.
Tags: palm oil, orangutans, deforestaction, borneo, environment, sustainable, forests, deforestation, labelling, project borneo, food
Ames268 Print
Article 14: The Somali's Struggle for Life This image depicts a refugee trying to escape the current war in Somalia. As she seeks refuge in neighbouring countries, she is denied entry to wherever she goes, and is forced to return to the hostile environment of her homeland. This is a current issue in the Middle East. Thousands of Somalis flee their homeland each year in hopes of finding...
Tags: somalia, refugee, refuge, futile, yemen, struggle, for, life, saudi arabia, war, oman, gulf of aden, persecution, political instability, violation of, human, rights, passport, entry, denied, woman, peace, article, everyone, has, the, right, seek, and, enjoy, other, countries, asylum, from, mark, belan, religion, humanitarian, haven
markbelan Painting, Acrylic
Bolhas Representamos bolhas de estereótipos que devemos estourar.
Tags: diversidade, bolhas, estereótipo, quebra de preconceito
VagaLume Drawing, Pencil
Bolinhas Diversas Bolinhas Diversas
Priscila Photography, Colour
Chased by Shadows
quietDesperation Drawing, Chalk