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Health Mission Mission Humanitaire arranges health mission in Benin, West Africa for the Beninese people. The health mission intervenes in the villages or school for the communities. Doctors and volunteers from different countries participated in this health mission to treat communities of rural areas. Volunteers also taught good habits as well as hygiene to...
Global Health Global Health Issues

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Health and Wellness
Drawing, Pencil-crayon
World Health Disorganization (4th prize Art) Emma Hobson, age 16, Appleby College, Ontario (la version fran
Mixed Media
Who has Access to Health Care? The wallet scenario, symbolized by the condoms, health card and a bill represents access to health insurance in industrialized nations that have higher levels of sex education and safety network in place. Regardless of the above, the public still faces the prospects of a two-tiered health care system in which the rich will have access to...
Photography, Colour
Health Care in a Globalized World The billboards clearly represent the impact of globalization in a consumer society facing health care challenges as illustrated by the electronic banner “1-888-4-SickKids.” The high rise building on the left represents corporate power in a world dominated by consumerism as symbolized by the products featured in the billboards. Were does global...
Photography, Colour
Quest for an ID Book, The Story of Sesana Jenneth Mkhawana is a Community Health Advocate working for TAC in Mopani District under Dan/Nkowa-Nkowa area. She is assisting Sesana Seoka, who is using a wheel chair to apply for an ID Book. Because she is applying for this without a birth certificate, no short cut, she have to start by applying for birth certificate. This is called Late...
Tags: tac, mopani, id, certificate, health, advocacy, home affairs, dan, nkowa-nkowa
AdamMalapa Photography, Colour
Aesthetic Representation of Health The tree represents health as an entity. The left side represents an unhealthy lifestyle versus the right side which represents a healthy lifestyle that enables an individual to thrive.
alphateam Painting, Acrylic
Homelessness and mental health The impact on individuals due to homelessness or poverty, they are ignored by the rest of society and face internal turmoil mentally.
atariq Markers
Dont drink save life Effects of drinking which starts in colleges as a hobby and leads to the end of life
Tags: health
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Hazard to health. Contamination of cold drink is hazardous to health.
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Health Rights for Children Artist(s): Manthan Charles and Ayushi Organization: Community Development Centre Description: Poster raising health problems of children's of the remote and tribal areas where there no health facilities available.
ayv Photography, Colour