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Heart of artist "El arte es un mediador entre el hombre y el universo". Las imagenes aparecen en mi cabeza creando un universo propio
NAKATA Mixed Media
Be Eco-Hearted There are many skeptics when go green is mentioned, people are just lazy and think that it will all be ok eventually, or they can just leave the problem up to others or the government to fix. No matter who you are, or on what side of life’s fence, whatever occupation you're in, Whoever you are, you can always do something to help your mother...
Tags: heart, green, business, eco
winchul Computer Graphics
green heart Geometric decoration
ZeinabAhmedAli Drawing, Pencil-crayon
The Heart of the Planet These hearts are made of recycled materials and show the importance of loving our planet by taking action. Our small gestures in everyday life can contribute to the planet's wellbeing.
Tags: environment, pollution, rising temperature
JEJD-MAT Collage
Heart A photograph taken in my garden which is a certified wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.
kyphilosopher Photography, Colour
Sign of Love Heart is the sign of love the reason for the same is when two persons meet the AURA of both livings look like as HEART, many are unaware of this.
Tags: heart, sign of love
crgujjar Mixed Media
Love Emits. I created this piece of Art gluing red paper over top of a sketch of a woman. I curled the paper to make it fancier/prettier. Each layer represents big and small amounts of love "emitting" off of someone. My wish for the next 150 years of Canada is represented in my Art; Beauty and Love may continue.
Tags: red, love, heart, beauty, beautiful, pretty, metaphor, paper, meaning, inspirational, fancy, care
RTISTry1234 Drawing, Pencil
To Have a Heart The main thing this world lacks the most; is a heart. People need to have a heart for this place to become better, you can not just keep dragging a cold ice brick and expect it to heat up on its own. We need to start sympathizing with each other first to move ahead. Thus a heart latching on to the earth.
globalgallery Drawing, Charcoal
musical hearts This is an image I composed as a tribute to the way I feel about Amanda's music... she's one of my favorite's.
Gemini Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Heart Transplant This is about Aboriginal native title - decisions made by the Australia's High Court about traditional ownership of the land. Also, there is a message about how well the current owners of the land are treating it.
lisathurston Drawing, Pencil