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Heat at 6 pm in Tema. 6 pm on the greenwich meridian in africa may be hotter than an american summer. Climate is a determining part of the global phenomenom of life. It determins the color diversity of citizens of the world. Picture of the skies of Tema in Ghana. Look through it, perhaps beyond it and feel the heat.
Tags: Decarbonize, SDG, global warming, climate action, pollution, art, climate change, sustainability, environment, nature
chakablazy Photography, Colour
Direct Heat This artwork is inspired by the heat. It's we, humans who has put ourselves in this position, and it's we who must pull ourselves away from an undesired fate. We need to take action before it's too late.
KaiCruz Computer Graphics
Planet Heat The inspiration behind this artwork is the planet's pollution and global warming.
Tags: environment, pollution, rising temperature
JEJD-MAT Drawing, Pencil
Nalanda's Reduce, Recycle & Recover I like to explore it through the subject as I experience, perceive and analyze it.
Tags: earth, melting, heat, pollution
clannapurna Drawing, Pencil-crayon
The Lion King at Minskoff Theater
dfox Print
Shubert Theater -- Showing Matilda
dfox Print
Theatre on Indian Culture Hello, we are from St Gregorios High School, Mumbai,India. We have made a small; model of a theatre. We are going to explain the same on indian Culture. The women in the picture are wearing Anarkali (mostly worn in places like Lucknow,Agra and Hyderabad), Chanya Choli(mostly won in places like Rajasthan and Gujarat) and the Saree(common cultural...
Tags: saree, culture, india
gpjmumbai-shainas Painting
Kigali Theater
toddlester Photography, Colour
Théatre municipal
Nesnes Photography, Colour
Théatre municipal 2
Nesnes Photography, Colour