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Afternoon hike Wide open spaces are characteristic of Canada, and something that always comes to mind when I think of our country is how vast it is, a huge expanse of land for 33 million people to call home. Although I live in a city, I love the connection to the land that goes along with rural areas. Some of my favourite places are the rolling fields near my...
deannadel Photography, Colour
Hawaiian Cliffs Taken after a hike in Maui on a day of overcast.
Tags: hawaai, maui, cliff, water, ocean, trees, sea, pools, greenery, hike
sophallyssa Photography, Colour
Hawaiian Bamboo Forest On a 2-mile hike in Maui, this amazing bamboo forest was on the way to a waterfall.
Tags: hawaii, maui, bamboo, staircase, forest, hike, vacation
sophallyssa Photography, Colour