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HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care YEI engages communities in discussing effective prevention of and care for HIV/AIDS through home visits, worksite discussions, anti-stigma campaigns, weekly radio programs and sensitization debates at schools, colleges and hospitals. Programs designed and implemented by our local community members have made it possible for YEI to provide many...
photos that speak - Photovoice & HIV in Cameroon The images in this set are part of the photovoice projects in the Far North region of Cameroon. These CUSO-VSO and VSO Cameroon-supported projects saw cameras handed over to individuals affected or infected by HIV/AIDS so that they could self-represent their vision of, and insights into, programs delivered by VSO’s partners in the region. Their...
TIG Xpress - HIV/AIDS Young people worldwide are emerging as the most at-risk group for HIV infection; with rates increasing most rapidly among young women. While global prevention efforts have been mobilised, two major set of factors are slowing the gains that have been made in HIV/AIDS prevention among youth thus far. The first surrounds issues of stigma,...
HIV/AIDS Digital Quilt Contest HIV/AIDS Digital Quilt Contest!! With 50% of new HIV transmissions taking place amongst 15-24 year olds…we need to CONNECT with each other to EMPOWER ourselves and make CHANGE….. Project Stitch is a youth focused HIV awareness project brought to you by AIDS Vancouver and YouthCO AIDS Society. We are looking for submissions from creative...
HIV/AIDS: A Life in 15 Seconds Every 15 seconds one young person is infected with HIV. 15 seconds. A few blinks of an eye. A leaf falling from a tree. A cloud passing above our heads. Meeting someone who will change your life. Watching a star fall. The time it takes to cast a dream. A world of beauty can hide within 15 seconds. Beautiful moments that we take for granted....
Youth Fighting HIV/AIDS through Art In August 2008 the next International AIDS Conference will be held in Mexico City, Mexico. In the past this conference (IAC) has always served as a landmark event for the AIDS Community. The Mexico YouthForce would like you to submit your artwork on what HIV/AIDS means to you and your community. La próxima Conferencia Internacional de...
HIV/AIDS - Images of Hope Often the images evoked by the HIV/AIDS epidemic are negative ones: children left without parents, sufferers facing stigma and superstition, and whole generations disappearing. These images are not the whole story. There are people living with the consequences of HIV/AIDS who continue to thrive, and find hope. In recognition of these people,...
...for HIV/AIDS !

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Againts HIV AIDS Uploaded with the Flock Browser
meliagea Computer Graphics
H.I.V Theme:How stigma and discrimination affects young people living with HIV (S&D.
Tags: s&d, charcoal, artwork, aids, hiv, conte
Rhine-Dexter Drawing, Charcoal
hiv/aids, poverty/poverty, technology Though HIV / AIDS is one of the worst phenomenon of our time, yes; but continuous and friendly sensitization about it is the best way to end the world threat. Hence, learn about sex education, stop stigmatization and reduce HIV / AIDS.
Tags: s&d, cse
dayogreats Computer Graphics
Raising Awareness SRHR and HIV AIDS For Youth I am Marwan, 23 years old from West Nusa Tenggara- Indonesia, I and my organization, Independent Youth Alliance ( Called : “Aliansi Remaja independen (ARI)” in Indonesian language), since 2012 till now. Give information and education about Sexual and Reproductive Health Right (SRHR) and HIV AIDS for youths in schools and in marginal places in...
Tags: hiv aids, srhr, youth
Marwan2014 Computer Graphics
Safe Sex: Stops HIV and AIDS This illustrates the safe sex for the promotion of HIV and AIDS control.
Tags: hiv, aids
suneboy Painting, Watercolour
Stop HIV We must contribute with each other inorder to stop this HIV!
Payab Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Youth-Drugs-HIV/STI Youth understanding about the Disease and showing their happpiness for knowing and concern about the disease(HIV/AIDS &STI)
dwangmo Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Youth-Drugs-HIV/STI Youth and HIV/AIDS & STI prevention in Bhutan
dwangmo Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Trees for change,traditional beehives & honey bee forage ! The pictures were taken in Naivasha-Kenya.Just to show another important use of trees !
daateku Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Against HIV/ Contra el SIDA Tratar de sensibilizar a la poblacion colombiana y al mundo que podemos tener sexo seguro sex
manta Photography, Digitally Manipulated