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Connected North@Home Student Gallery During the 2020 COVID Pandemic, students from across Canada participated in live video conferences to connect with artists, scientists, actors, museums and galleries all over the world. Through this time, students created a variety of artwork. These images were the result of their learning and sharing.
Colonial Home Care LLC Colonial Home Care LLC has experienced, skilled and licensed home care and companion care professionals. Our compassionate caregivers do their level best to help their clients live a happy and comfortable life. Colonial Home Care serves the whole Northern VA area.
My Hometown!
My Hometown!
My Hometown!
Refugees: Homes Today millions of people live under the recognized status of "Refugee". For some reason millions of people without a home. Millions of people that leave home, home being a war-torn land. Millions of people whose home has been stolen. Millions of people whose land no longer exists. Millions of people who dream of better conditions, a...
Uma homenagem aos animais "A compaixão pelos animais está intimamente ligada a bondade de caráter, e quem é cruel com os animais não pode ser um bom homem." Arthur Schopenhauer

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Home A painting of his home.
Her Temporary Home
Photography, Colour
At Home
Photography, Colour
Broken Homes Someone could have dwelled in this place. Abandoned, and forgotten. Let us not do that to each other as well.
Aarthy Photography, Colour
This world is not my home After the appointed time on this soil, I leave all that I have and return to the dust. When the owner takes HIS breadth... Heaven is my home.
adisart Painting
Home is where the heart... I thought that this would be a very welcoming picture as its about the idea that we all carry a little tiny house inside of ourselves that is representative of our home. It may be a home that we used to have or one that we have now or one that we dream of. Mainly though its about feeling safe and loved. I made this image using a wonderful...
ainesse Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Alex69 Photography, Colour
Missy Island Goes Home "Missy Island Goes Home" (-series title image/Ioses/Kykladen/Greek Islands/2004/ digital photo-print/16"x12"/edition of 20) Part of a series of photo-works and mixed media actions. Eco/Loco `personality` based concept characters, such as "Missy Island" and "Country Tramp", present themslves to the world in a range of definitive and...
alexcalledsimon Photography, Colour
To Me, This is Home
Alycia Photography, Colour
Home sky 1
Angel_on_broomstick Photography, Digitally Manipulated