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Perspectives: Inspiring Hope for a Brighter Future In 2014, TakingITGlobal engaged nearly 3000 youth in 35 countries in creating digital media pieces about their issues, their communities, their dreams and their demands. We trained 150 educators to support and guide youth through this artistic journey. Youth from around the globe reflected on the realities of the world around them and created...
HIV/AIDS - Images of Hope Often the images evoked by the HIV/AIDS epidemic are negative ones: children left without parents, sufferers facing stigma and superstition, and whole generations disappearing. These images are not the whole story. There are people living with the consequences of HIV/AIDS who continue to thrive, and find hope. In recognition of these people,...
Postcards of Hope: Youth Collection Postcards from Katrina shares Katrina-inspired artwork from youth who have expressed hope for the Gulf coast region of the U.S. PfK encourages youth to express what Katrina means to them in their own way. To learn more about the project visit Also if you wish to share your work of hope, please send to...

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Imprisoned Hope Laura Bydlowska, age 17, St. Mary's Catholic High School, Ontario Imprisoned Hope Only when we learn to share will the constrained and neglected butterfly of the malnourished break from its cocoon and fly along with the one liberated in the sky.
Mixed Media
Hope Hope in them. The children are the future. We will prevail, we will.
Aarthy Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Dua - Umut & Prayer - Hope Dua Umuttur. Tek Bir Rap Allah'a Umut Sanattır.
Tags: dua, umut, prayer, hope, sanat
abdullah- 3D Graphics
Hope Starts With A Single Plant The drawing displays how the government holds the Earth and how it helps in starting the first plant towards the fight on global warming. A SMALL plant can make a BIG difference.
ahmagelmauleen Computer Graphics
I Hope Vi
Alis15 Computer Graphics
Cyber Predators 2006- I hope, I can Cyber Predators 2006 How do you protect yourself against people who want to cause you harm? I want to learn more about the styles of life and training of children to get skills in painting of the fine arts in North America (I'm the artist, student).
Alis15 Collage
LOST? Of the over 60 million people who have been infected with HIV in the past 20 years, about half became infected between the ages of 15 and 24. Discrimination and social stigma is one of the worst factors affecting youth today. It leaves them distraught and they need all the help and support they can get. The picture shows how a girl suffers the...
Tags: aids, peace, hope, education
anjali93 Painting, Watercolour
hope in the aftermath While working in Gaza with traumatized children after Israels latest attack I took a lot of pictures of the unbelievable brutality and destruction that happened there. This picture shows what happened and what is now in a very simple way.This boy, still learning, observed by me through a hole in the wall of his school caused by the weapon of its...
anniepalestina Photography, Colour
growing hope childs are the hope of future.
ashroffali Drawing, Pencil
Hope and Sadness its about the country which I belong to,,sadness bcuz I cant visit it,,n hope I can
aurora4 Computer Graphics