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Horse Drawings Horsey Drawings
Horse Photos Manipulated photos of horses ....

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A Horse
magyc Photography, Colour
Brave Stallion This piece represents me and how I felt when I first came to Canada. I felt like a new person who was a brave person, strong, independent and eager to explore like a stallion running wild. I am proud of myself and my family for coming to Canad and I want to do my best to be strong and successful in the future. I want to be free and wild like a...
Tags: brave, stallion, horse, canada
MirnaEl Print
Digital Manipulation -- Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Canada 'Niagara Falls, Canada at sundown. Exploration of digitally converging dry brush and photography together.' -VL
lavittoria Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Horse of Dubai
kirstenjordan Photography, Digitally Manipulated
En luz :)
Tags: light, horse, beauty
MusicalGaby Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Princess likes me A very friendly horse. I believe her mice behavior to humans is because she is surrounded by people who respect animals.
Tags: horse, princess, respect to nature
MusicalGaby Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Darn horseflys ! Don't you just feel for those poor horses in the summer time?
bledsoeart Painting
Hold Your Horses! Statues such as these dot the Moscow landscape
arkaleel Photography, Colour
Horse and Buggy This is a tourist attraction at Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco, California.
clarita Photography, Colour
Horses Mountain living with horses. This piece is up against a yellow wall, casting shadows on the wall. I love mountain living and it's lifestyle.
banffboop Sculpture