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Youth Voices on Culture & Identity TakingITGlobal recently partnered with Adobe on the Youth Voices Project , which included running workshops in ten different countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Mali, Kenya, Russia, South Africa, and Sweden. During these workshops youth discussed and created images focused on Culture & Identity. These are the unique...
Youth Voices- Brazil - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - China - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Argentina - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Egypt - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Canada - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Sweden - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Mali - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - South Africa - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Kenya - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Russia - Culture & Identity

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Identity I finished this picture yesterday and I titled it identity because it indicated my nationality. Well, My nationality is my nationality but it does not determine who I am.
TOPE1 3D Graphics
Latinoamerican identity I believe in the social change, and the climatic change afects the people more than we think. Finally, is the indigenous peoples who gonna lead positive change in the actual crisis, we need a revolution, and we need it now. End with the capitalism is how we gonna stop the climatic change.
Tags: indigenous, marx, revolution, communism
oftensimple Collage
War in Nepal for identity Nepal is in deepening crisis, due to the seven years of long deadly internal conflict between the government and the Maoists. More than 6848 people lost their lives in connection with "People's War
shakti Computer Graphics
identify identity the images which is here is again developed in my favorite software photoshop with my imagination. just i wanted to show that a faded face trying to identifying his identity
navincolin Computer Graphics
My Culture My Identity As much as young people have a great deal to learn from the culture of our people, the culture of our people has to conform to our culture and become truly our identity. Culture is the people’s way of life, but when this definition not agreeing with young people's views, young people redefine your own culture, your own identity!
ekwuruke Computer Graphics
Canadian Identity We see what canadian identity is today. Canadian has given so many people "hope, education, clean water and heals". Canada is a multicultural country, working together, helping one to another. canada is like a mother whose protected their children and wipes their tears. For example in my life, I never dream about canada helps my family and...
Tags: canada
TheisoT Drawing, Pastel
Identity This drawing depicts the multiple identities and roles of a woman. One woman can have a vast array of identities - mother, daughter, wife, sister, neighbour, friend, employee, lover... Each identity will be different than the other. Hence the richness of a woman.
Fadun Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Self Identity Express Yourself
melbaz Painting
Oops...Just Anotha Case of Mistaken Identity (2000) 'Acrylic on Canvas.' -KD
Keina Painting, Acrylic
Beaver Self Portrait I am inspired largely by the “natural” world. Throughout my work, I tend to explore the relationship between the natural and built environment. During my years as an undergrad, I have come to associate myself with a beaver. My love for the Canadian wilderness, interest in outdoor adventure, hard work ethic, craftiness, openness to challenges,...
Tags: beaver, portrait, tail, teeth, camping, canoeing, glasses, natural, identity
artrageous Painting, Acrylic