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Wish150 Indigenous Youth Artwork Calling all students from across Alberta to submit their art expressing their wish for Canada in the next 150 years! You can reflect on one of the following themes represented in the Indigenous Youth Advisory Circle Idea Book Read the submissions from other Indigenous youth from across the country and where they wish to see Canada...
Recognizing the Resistance of Indigenous Peoples Throughout history the indigenous peoples of the world have continually resisted threats to their cultures and existence. From the first contact with outside cultures to modern day struggles, indigenous resistance continues all over the world from Mexico to Australia. In this Global Gallery contest we ask TIG members to share stories, modern...
Indigenous Canada These submissions will be featured on the Indigenous Canada portal. Artwork can illustrate: -Life on a First Nations Community -Ideas on the Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge and/or Culture -Sharing Mythology—retelling a native myth from your nation -Language –sharing the meaning of a word from your native language -A...
Native American [includes all indigenous from around the world] An art exhibit of my indigenous inspirations.

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Indigenous Spirits Indigenous spirits gathering
clarita Computer Graphics
Indigenous People of Calabar, Nigeria This piece of art is a symbol of the very rich history of the people of Calabar in Nigeria. formerly known as Old Calabar town and port, capital of Cross River State, southeastern Nigeria. It lies along the Calabar River, 5 miles (8 km) upstream from that river's entrance into the Cross River estuary. Settled in the early 17th century by the...
estyc Photography, Colour
Indigenous Indigenous people living undisturbed by humans
mariajose04 Drawing, Pencil
Latinoamerican identity I believe in the social change, and the climatic change afects the people more than we think. Finally, is the indigenous peoples who gonna lead positive change in the actual crisis, we need a revolution, and we need it now. End with the capitalism is how we gonna stop the climatic change.
Tags: indigenous, marx, revolution, communism
oftensimple Collage
Kuzbas Indigenous Peoples I live in Kuzbas and my collage is dedicated to the shortsy and their neighbours – the teleuty and other indigenous peoples of the Kemerovo, Khakas and Altai regions. Since the 19th century they had to assimilate to the Russians. But they resisted such transformations in a peaceful way, keeping their languages, mythology, religious traditions...
Roness Collage
Altai Indigenous Peoples This collage is dedicated to the Altai peoples and other indigenous peoples of the Kemerovo and Khakas regions. The situation with them was the same as that with the Kuzbas peoples: since the Russians settled in Siberia other peoples were proselytized and their traditional life style was strikingly changed, though they resisted such...
Roness Collage
Moon Drum - By Ana Acrylic paint on deerskin. The artist shows the moon as a circular female face filling the centre of the drum. South-coast style quadron stars are reminiscent of those stolen by Raven which he flung with the moon into the sky to lighten the dark nights endured by people long ago.
Tags: moon, drum, first nations, indigenous, pacific northwest coast, painting, youth
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Hummingbird in Flight - By Daniel Carved and engraved into cedar with acrylic paint. The u-shaped form-line of this hummingbird profile has been painted gold with black motifs of west-coast inspired shapes which include a circular eyeball in medium-length eyelid design. The wing is shown out-stretched and painted black with gold fine-line motif representing fanned feathers.
Tags: hummingbird, first nations, indigenous, cedar carving, traditional, youth, painting
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Bear drum - By Daniel Acrylic on deerskin. Profile of bear head jointed with over-hanging clawed paw. In the tradition of North-coast graphic art, the bear’s form-line is black with red secondary elements. The eye is delineated by a negative crescent indicating the eye is looking upwards toward the paw, creating a sense of cohesiveness.
Tags: bear, drum, first nations, indigenous, pacific northwest coast, traditional, painting, youth
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Sea Wolf on Cedar Paddle - By Daniel Acrylic on cedar. The artist incorporates many mid-coast style elements such as the ovoid-shaped eye, profiled paws with s-shape designs to represent claws. The head is an elongated u-shape form-line with joined u-shapes to form the ear, cheek, and mouth. The body is relieved by stylalized trigons, qaudrons and u-shapes.
Tags: sea wolf, wolf, cedar, indigenous, first nations, painting, traditional, youth
yskel Painting, Acrylic