Submissions (20)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
'Berpacu dalam melodi ' 'Berpacu dalam melodi ' 35 cm X 40 cm Drawing on paper Lanjar Jiwo 2011
Tags: lanjar jiwo, paint artist, indonesia
artfolk15 Drawing, Pencil
back to nature back to nature.original art work by Lanjar Jiwo
Tags: lanjarjiwo, painting, art, yogyakarta, indonesia
lashart Mixed Media
Fading Into Darkness The head of Sumatran Tiger in the triangle with a background of galaxy shows that it is critically endangered and going to be extinct. And it'll possibly happen in 2015 if there's none of us standing against it. I hope that this picture can grow an awareness and attention to the Sumatran Tigers which are at its crisis state.
Tags: sumatran tiger, tiger, galaxy, sumatra, indonesia, extinct
muthiahi Mixed Media
Java Girl Portrait series Java Girl Portrait series 45cm x 35cm drawing on paper Lanjar Jiwo 2012
Tags: lanjar jiwo, paint artist, indonesia
artfolk15 Drawing, Pastel
Lanjar Jiwo ART WORK Lanjar Jiwo ART WORK drawing on paper
Tags: lanjar jiwo, art, indonesia
artfolk15 Ink, Pen
palms serial # Betle Nut Painting palms serial # Betle Nut Painting 45 cm X 65 cm painting hard nut on paper material : lime, areca nut , betel Lanjar Jiwo 2012
Tags: paint, artist, indonesia, lanjar jiwo
artfolk15 Mixed Media
plant in malino, Indonesia the beautiful plant in Malino
Tags: plant, indonesia
nurrefera Photography, Colour
Pombo Island, Maluku province, Indonesia I visited this island, Pombo Island a few months ago. It's magnificent terrain, vegetation, wildlife, crystal clear water and tantalizing sand captivated me. Great snorkeling place too
rijolyelena Photography, Colour
portrait series Lanjar Jiwo portrait series Lanjar Jiwo drawing on paper 2011
Tags: art, draw, indonesia, yogyakarta, artist, lanjar jiwo
artfolk15 Drawing, Charcoal
self portrait serie Lanjar Jiwo self portrait serie Lanjar Jiwo 2014
Tags: art, wok, lanjar jiwo, indonesia
lanjar Painting, Acrylic