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linkers este album nos refleja
Eco-Warrior Yvette Teeselink's DFA Gallery
Ink and Chaos INK is one of my favourite materials I use in drawing. A unique "power" distinguishes ink drawings with extreme details.
Helsinki, September 2005 My week-long visit to Finland's capital was to attend a youth conference, but it wasn't all work! Here are some pics I took during the stay.
pink maggit taking your oxigen away..

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"Food Sustainability and its links between climate change & agriculture" Sustainable food isn’t only about the food itself. It’s a combination of factors including how the food is produced, how it’s distributed, how it’s packaged and how it’s consumed. Therefore, it aims to avoid damaging or wasting natural resources. In this artwork, it shows how food sustainability conditions our agriculture and climate. My artwork...
Tags: climate change, food sustainability, agriculture, mother earth, art
1zy_cntlp Drawing, Pencil-crayon
15 seconds to think & implement Just examine how strong is an egg before it breaks, it breaks within an instant, you cannot glue it together, and it needs to be handled with more care. Such is a Person Affected by the diseases like HIV/AIDS, the loss they incur is un-imaginable. However, they can communicate what anyone except them cant, from the fragments of their broken...
awaqeel Photography, Colour
2020 Reflection "2020 Reflection" is an abstracted self portrait done with calligraphy brush. It is a dedication piece to what seems like the 1000 years we have spent in quarantine in the United States. "2020 Reflection" reflects my introspection and reaction to my environment during the 2020 pandemic. The combination of portraiture and abstraction reflects...
Tags: ink, calligraphy, self-portrait, 1000 years old
rawrggh Ink, Brush
adinkra and its history Adinkra is the only African cloth printing tradition of pre-Colonial origin. It is one of the prestigious royal crafts produced in villages around the Asante capital Kumase, in this case being almost entirely confined to the village of Ntonso. According to Asante legend it was introduced in 1818 following the capture of a rival monarch by the...
kevin Photography, Colour
Adinkra Jazz A symbolism of Damba festival in Ghana.
Dosart Painting, Oil
Article 3 "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person."
Tags: girl, thinking, wonder, black and white, ink, painting, baby
EllieShuoJin Ink, Brush
Bananas! (dont think im teaching you anything ...)
kwessy Photography, Colour
Blink This photograph represents to me the essence of modern Cairo as seen through my foreign eyes. Cairo is a whirl of movement, overwhelming and enthralling, captured here in a blink and stilled. The frame has been added to this photo to enforce the feeling of looking out onto something rather than of being a real part of it, being an observer...
Pleso Photography, Digitally Manipulated
City beats under a pink sky For the majority of us, who live in cities, nothing can make for something better then the beauty of the livliness a city can bring. But lets not forget that there is also the pollution which can make the sky an array of crazy colours. But we all live in harmony under that sky.
CanadianSuga Painting, Oil
Clink Clink
Aarthy Photography, Colour