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Fashion Concepts of the Internet Era Although, the internet is new, some fashion ideas generate from the early internet roots.

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Internet Making Youth Happy This photo was taken by me during the Intenet class. They are my classmates. Internet is making them happy.
Chups Photography, Colour
Internet Addiction Artist(s): Mahmoud Ezzat Organization: Heritage Conservation Think Tank Description: Mahmoud is sending a message to the people not to waste their times on the internet social networks like the Facebook and go spend time in real life; doing sports, hanging out with friends, ...
ayv Photography, Colour
Internet Addiction Poem A poem i wrote about this addiction
Tags: addiction, internet, poem, open minds
jlizarraga2 Print
The Internet: Discrimination Without Borders The internet – the medium through which numerous and diverse groups around the world get their information on HIV/AIDS – is a place fraught with derogatory and dehumanizing representations of people living with HIV/AIDS. ‘AIDS jokes’ and other harsh or discriminatory jokes are freely communicated on the internet. This photograph depicts a young...
Photography, Colour
JURI Photography, Colour
students learn the world though internet children learn the world though Internet
NatalyaHamidova Photography, Colour
What we have come to.. Our current world... dependence on the internet
Tags: evolution, internet, technology, addiction
jlizarraga2 Photography, Colour
Be careful when using the internet Author: Angela Rodríguez Organization: Superatec This artwork aims to raise awareness about the dangers that may be hidden in some websites.
ayv Photography, Colour
Expressions retro internet period A series of retro expressions from a post modetn internet period; a feeling of futurea and fusion of retro
diana7 Ink, Pen
Safe Internet Author: Ana Karina Perdomo Organization: Superatec This artwork aims to raise awareness among parents on the need to take safety measures in order to prevent children to misuse internet.
ayv Computer Graphics