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Iraq 2009
Babel Photography, Colour
Iraq 2009
Babel Photography, Colour
Iraq and the two wars It breaks my heart the way the world lives these days... When I just look to that tragic example of Iraq,that country of beauty..or that's how it seemed to be before the 90s... and now,for more than 12 years they're sufferring....First,the cruellest gulf war in 1991,then the painfull sanctions &fnally the tragic end of a beautifull country...
yarinos Cartoons
Iraq, 2009
Babel Photography, Colour
Iraq, a safer place? This was one of my cartoons that were published in fall 2004 in the student newspaper "The Caravan" at the American University in Cairo.
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Iraq: Nowhere to go This piece is about my emotions regarding the conflict of Iraq and my hope to move other people through the Work to the predicament and slow annihilation of a country. They have nowhere to go... do you care?
busutil Mixed Media
Iraqi girl- طفلة عراقية
DNA99 Drawing, Pencil
Let's make it a happy ending story. You can see it in his eyes. Feel with them.
Tags: animal, lion, prisoner, rights, feel, heart, iraq, zoo
Andam Photography, Black and White
OBAMA ANTI WAR IRAQ Want to end the war in Iraq? Join thousands of supporters across the country as we talk to our neighbors about Barack's plan to bring our troops home. Attend a Canvass for Change in your community on Saturday, October 13:
JURI Computer Graphics
Soft Flower Just couldn't let this chance go.
Tags: flower, soft, iraq, erbil, kurdistan, hawler, nice, cute
Andam Photography, Colour