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Arab-Islamic Historical Characters This cartoon is intended to summarize a significant portion of Arab-Islamic history, by highlighting some of the important historical characters such as Zenobia of Palmyra, Al Hassan As-Sabbah, Ibn An-Nafis, Al-Jahiz, Ad-Du'aliy, Al-Khwarizmiy, Al-Maymuniy, Ibn Al-Haytham, Ibn-Rushd (Averroes),and Selim III. This cartoon was published for me in...
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Islam & Globalization
The-Eloquent-Warbler Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Islam in Bangladesh Bangladeshi old man who works in the mosque for his living since his boyhood.
Tags: bangladesh, climate refugee, islam
muntsir Photography, Black and White
Your Rights! Our Iranian youth volunteer during the youth retreat. She fight for women rights with bunch of other young people.
Tags: youth, sexual rights, human rights, south asia, hiv and aids, women rights, iran, islam
milinda Photography, Colour