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Island Peak Climbing Our Island Peak trip is a special trek which combines an ascent of Island Peak with a visit to the famous lakes of the Gokyo valley. We start from Lukla and trek slowly up the Dudh Kosi valley. After a few days we branch off to Gokyo, and after climbing Gokyo Ri for fantastic views of Cho Oyu and Everest we cross the Cho La and Mt Everest base...
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Tourist Sight in Soqatra Island -Yemen This site shows the tree in Soqatra Island that are called Brother's Blood Tree.
alrumim 3D Graphics
Mothership Gaia World Tree Island This is World Tree Island on Mothership Gaia. Episode 1.0 of the myth begins here. The portal is the place where the Dreamer exit the rainbow tunnel from Earth when they go to sleep. The three Pyraspheres are dedicated to Religion/Spirituality (middle/Sun), Science (left/moon) and Art (right/Earth). A Pyrasphere is a transformed symbolic...
Mothership-Gaia 3D Graphics
Pieces of the Island The man in the top corner of the picture is me. The Island is Guam, where I grew up. I drew this picture thinking of all the beauty of the island, it's people, and where my life took a turn for the worse.
annaree Drawing, Pencil
Windy Island A breeze ruffles the water and plantation in and around this tiny island.
mpgruner Drawing, Pencil
Culture - Cook Islands - Convention on the Rights of the Child Constructed using a range of techiques (painting, collage, digital manipulation), this piece expresses the need for young people to express themselves under Article #13 from the Convention on the Rights of the Child - "the child will have the right to freedom of expression" This image has also been created to reflect the high importance of...
sduncan Mixed Media
Toronto Island My artwork reflects my Canadian identity by showing that you can get to know Toronto better through Toronto Island. I have learned about Canada, it's beauty, the people through visiting Toronto Island. It's one of my favourite places in Toronto and I feel like I learn more about myself and my relationship to this country every time I go there. I...
Tags: maria
Ischel Mixed Media
Islands This is just a fun piece. I think if I were stranded on an island I'd want it to be one of these ones!
kelleyjar Painting, Acrylic
Perfume Michael Kors- ISLAND oil on canvas. 2008
Tags: art, perfume, aroma, oil, fly
Esmiralda Painting, Oil
Leafless Tree due to global warming trees shed their leaves to cope with changes in environmental conditions
Tags: background, bay, beach, beautiful, beauty, blue, calm, caribbean, cloud, coast, coastline, day, exotic, horizon, hot, idyllic, island, lagoon, landscape, nature, ocean, oceanic, paradise, plant, recreation, relax, relaxation, resort, sand, scenery, scenic, sea, seascape, shore, sky, sunlight, tourism, tranquil, travel, tree, tropic, tropical, turquoise, unspoilt, untouched, vacation, vegetation, water, wave, environment
soctober Photography, Black and White
Islands in the Sky On certain days, the islands around Capri are like islands floating in the sky. Below, the busy Capri waterfront brings one back to reality.
Karis Photography, Colour