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Enjoy Here are pictures ive taken, Describe them in your own way, i cant describe somthing that someone might not see.

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Tears of Joy I drew this sketch on Artrage.
buca15 Computer Graphics
Enjoy Life Vector Art: June 2002 I walk through a park to get to the train station. There are always little kids playing. Observing them inspired me to create this piece. I really like vector art, also. I thought combining the two would be nice. At the last minute, I made everything a hue of red, with tones of pink. Not sure why - just liked the colours.
ravestar Computer Graphics
relax and enjoy the ride This photo makes me forget about all the selfish human acts and triggers me to smile.
gvsben Photography, Colour
Unity Through Joy This picture depicts to me the most beautiful thing in the world: unity through mutual joy in life! The photograph shows children in a homeless child-care centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, who are obviously having a great deal of fun, despite the problems they are facing at such a young age. It's above all a very hopeful image in my opinion....
suus Photography, Colour
Poverty does not oppose to joy of childhood Even when children in poor villages in Mexico does not have too much opportunities to acquire high levels of education, or even general development, it is not reason to enjoy life and all good things that came with it.
Sandro Photography, Colour
Enjoying life
Sandro Photography, Colour
Joy in the World
Mixed Media
Joy in the Sun Rise Sunrise view from Poon hill ((a photographers paradise!). ), Just exciting movements of photography specially taking sunrise picture
bhuban Photography, Colour
Enjoy All cigarettes and times when you look at the sunset are already counted. Cherish each of them.
chushechka Photography, Black and White
Ian Curtis - Joy Division Ian Curtis has always been one of my favourite singers and his song 'love will tear us apart again' really is one of the best songs in the past 30 years. His lyrical genius inspired me to write myself.
Redfox Painting, Oil