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Enjoy Here are pictures ive taken, Describe them in your own way, i cant describe somthing that someone might not see.

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Dancing for Joy This photo depicts the teens in the Live and Learn in Kenya Int. Girl's Club. These girls dance for joy and show their vitality in movement. We are proud of them and of their dignity.
Brique Photography, Colour
Enjoy All cigarettes and times when you look at the sunset are already counted. Cherish each of them.
chushechka Photography, Black and White
Enjoy Life Vector Art: June 2002 I walk through a park to get to the train station. There are always little kids playing. Observing them inspired me to create this piece. I really like vector art, also. I thought combining the two would be nice. At the last minute, I made everything a hue of red, with tones of pink. Not sure why - just liked the colours.
ravestar Computer Graphics
Enjoy Life Life signs that show us and remind us to be alive enjoying life by a different and wider perspective, so many things to keep learning and adjusting
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Enjoy space like never before We should look for different civilizations. Space travel guarantees endurance.
Tags: #deepspace
khadijakiran Drawing, Crayon
Enjoy the view of the Stibera Sculptures Authors: Antonio Zvedakoski, Bojan Bogoeski, Darko Medaroski, Tamara Bogoeska Organization: Primary school Krume Volnaroski Student learn about marbal sculptures, photoshop elements, Macedonian ancient simbols, and new symbols.
ayv Computer Graphics
Enjoy your life-Loctionova Yana Enjoy your life, no bad seasons!
Cindea Painting
Enjoy! Enjoy life nothing stays forever!
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Enjoy! Enjoy life nothing stays forever!
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Enjoying life
Sandro Photography, Colour