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Submissions (35)

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A man on his donkey :) ! I really liked this picture, as if it was a postcard… Thanks again, Rim, for all the pictures !
noussa2006 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Mikey 'Charcoal pencil drawing. I love hockey and my favourite player is Michael Johnson. That is the inspiration for this piece of work.' -JM
julia Drawing, Pencil
Monkey in the window Its a monkey, in a window
Justin Photography, Digitally Manipulated
ICTs are an engine for growth & key of development ICTs (Information & Communication Technologies) are an engine for growth & key of development. With the invention of the ICTs, the possibilities are endless and infinitives. Obviously, its role demonstrates that it hasn
shakti Computer Graphics
Midlifeloki Computer Graphics
My Key-ring this is my key-ring. I enjoy this photo and i love my key-ring ! :p
hamid11771 Photography, Colour
Down the donkey's dirt... In life we find many places, hurdles, and shortcuts, we always want to take the easy path...and look what the result can be..someone tried to jump past over the heap of donkeys faeces and look what happened his shoe dropped and in the process of pickig it up he lost his balance covered al his hand it the sweet smelling stuff....Life is like a...
awaqeel Photography, Colour
The key to the grannery HARVEST FESTIVAL
mysticmerlin Painting, Oil
Monkey Acylic on canvas, 50x60
bourini Painting, Acrylic
Piano keys This is a painting done of a piano. I love the piano, and it simply states my affection with music.
JamesGallardo Painting, Acrylic